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Historian’s Report Summer 1996

Historian’s report Summer 1996

What a productive and exciting week we all had in Braintree! Many thanks to all who made this such a rewarding experience for our attendees across the nation!
Three new Family Representatives to announce:

Joyce Erdman Thayer (Mrs. Clayton) 500 Amanda Drive Lafayette, LA 70507

Joyce will he representing the descendants of David Burgess Thayer (1822-1873) and wife Catherine Warren (1824-1895). His line is as follows: David B.8 Thayer, Sanford7, Baruch6, Ebenezer5, Uriah4, Ebenezer3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1).

Don will be representing the descendants of Eli Thayer (1831) and wife, Sybil Augusta Chamberlain (1836-1893). His line is as follows: Eli Thayer (Caleb7, Jeremiah6- 5, Ebenezer4, Isaac3, Ferdinand2, Thomas1).

Donald Richard Davis & wife Arline


Donald Richard Davis 645 Washington Rd.

Hinsdale, MA 01235

Rev. Paul Hutchins will represent the line of George Nathaniel Thayer (1842-1917) and wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Meyers (1838- 1909)

Rev. Paul W. Hutchins P.O. Box 498 Walnut, IA 51577 E-mail pwhutch@juno.com

Individuals having information to share on these lines are urged to coordinate searches with their representative. I am sure all of our members will be as surprised as I was to learn of an apparent whole new Thayer line! With the help of descendant, Robert Steen, it has been determined that ìBenjamin Tayerî (presumed to have been born about 1650 in England) was a later immigrant to the Newport, Rhode Island vicinity; probably in the late 1600ís! His estimate year of birth makes his age coetaneous with the grandchildren of the immigrants, Thomas and Richard, but that possibility has been eliminated. His 1713 will is mentioned in Austinís Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. Don states Ben was a cordwainer by profession, as were Thomas, Richard and Nathaniel. The fact that his surname was spelled “Tayer” in the early records makes one believe that he may be of the Thornbury group. More research is needed. I have eight generations of his descendants in my computer. Some were mistaken by General Bezaleel Thayer in his 1874 publication as belonging to other lines! (See family numbers 1333 and 1969). Please contact Bob if you have information to share:

Robert C. Steen
P.O. Box 1253 Newport Beach, CA 92659-0253

Finally, a genealogy for the descendants of Cicely! We have a partial solution to part of our problem of representing the lineages of the daughters of Thayers! An E-mail message alerted me to a genealogy in progress for the descendants of the immigrant, Cicely Thayer and husband James Davis. For more information from the Davis family, contact:

Mark Kincaid Davis 820 Indian Hill Drive Wadsworth, OH 44281-8535

E-mail Mollard@AOL.com

Projects for volunteers:

Someone is needed to extract the 1900 through 1920 Thayer death records from the Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Records office on Atlantic Avenue in Boston. I will provide sequentially and chronological forms already made up for this project and TFA will reimburse for the $3.00 an hour charge for use of the facilities if someone is willing to do this for us!

Many volunteers are needed in the area of recruiting! We are seeking individuals in all states who are willing to send out letters of invitation to Thayers informing them of our existence. It was determined at the meeting that the TFA will reimburse the sender for cost of postage for this project. Also, pre-printed address labels can be made available. There are about 7,000 Thayer families in America with only half a dozen people in the association trying to reach them all! Please volunteer in this area if you are able to. Contact our Recruiting chairman: David Manville Thayer, or contact our membership chairman: Paul Goodwin Thayer, (see addresses on page 3).

Our TFA photographer, Robert William Thayer, has asked that we emphasize that there is NO CHARGE for his copying of Thayer photos for the “Comprehensive…” publication. In order to enlarge this project, we will extend the year of photos to those taken prior to 1920 (as opposed to pre-1900). Please contact Bob soon to take advantage of his generous offer:

Robert William Thayer
1194 Parkwood Blvd.
Schenectady, NY 12308

(518) 393-0929


Alan Rideout of Stoughton, MA writes: “I Think it might be a nice time for all of the Thayers that might know of this, to take a moment to honor the memory of Thomas(1) (Thayer), and to thank him for the courage and spirit it must have taken him at his age at that time… (or in any age) to leave all that was familiar and forge a new life in a new land. In the 400 years from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II there are thousands of lives and life stories, that owe a lot to his decision.”

Eleanor Hilbert of Cedar Falls, IA writes: “The letter from Isaac Thayer in the Spring 1996 issue of The Thayer Quarterly has helped to confirm my lineage back to Richard(1) Thayer. I could not believe my eyes when I started to read this letter that was submitted by Richard Leon Thayer of Billings, MT! I descend from Isaac and Rachel Sawin Thayer through their daughter, Vashti (Who) married Ephraim Hint Hunt in 1790”
Looking forward to a productive Autumn,

Patricia Thayer Muno