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Historian’s Report November 1995

by Patricia Muno

We are nearing the 5th anniversary our association's formation. Within the last three months, our wonderful Directors and Representatives have been working overtime in a concentrated effort to build up the TFA membership. We wish to extend our gratitude to all who have worked hard to inform other Thayer descendants of our existence. Our immeasurable gratitude goes to David Manville Thayer of Dundee, IL who has whole-heartily embraced the challenge of "Recruiting Chairman" for the TFA. David has spent considerable personal funds and charitable service to assist us the building up of the association. Many, many thanks, Dave!

I was privileged to make another research trip to Salt Lake City in October. This time the 1920 Arkansas census soundex microfilms were available. They had been sent for retakes and were inaccessible for over a year. The 1920 Thayer census extraction project is now truly complete with the addition of the 15 Thayer listings from that state. Also, while at the Family History Library, I took advantage of an opportunity to personally place a poster advertising our existence in the lobby and lunch room's bulletin boards. We would appreciate our members doing the same at their local family history libraries.


We wish to extend our appreciation to TFA photographer, Robert William Thayer, for his much appreciated service, and remind our readers to send their pre-1900 Thayer-related photos on to him for copying and inclusion in the forthcoming published genealogy. Our deadline is rapidly approaching, so please do not procrastinate this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We have at least 6 new Family Representatives to announce. It is so rewarding to see the enthusiasm and participation of these wonderful workers. One of our longest-serving Reps, Henry Jerome ("Jerry") Thayer and wife, Judy, drove all the way out from Virginia to meet with me this fall!



The following persons have accepted the TFA challenge to become family representative to the living descendants of the ancestors listed above their names. If you are a descendant of these Thayer ancestors, please contact your family representative to share information and bring each other up to date.

George Thayer (abt. 1706- ) & Catherine Taliaferro/Tolliver (1720-1785).

Kevin Lynn Thayer c/o Kent & Karen Cardon 285 Bridger Drive Logan, UT 84321

George and Catherine were the progenitors of a large family of descendants who settled primarily in Fauquier County, Virginia. Kevin, and other descendants in this line have been looking for their connection to the Colonial Immigrants (Thomas, Richard and Nathaniel Thayer) for generations. He is investigating the possibility that George was a later immigrant from England.

At this writing, less than one dozen of the first published edition of The Tayer/Thayer/ Theyer Families of Gloucestershire, England books remain unsold. However, a second printing will go to press upon receipt of sufficient additional pre-payment orders. The news of this first Thayer publication is beginning to gain attention of many families. I have been pleased with the numerous letters of gratitude received from appreciative Thayer cousins. My hopes are that those seeking to assist in raising funds for the forthcoming multi-volume work will use the Gloucestershire Thayer history to generate financial interest and backing. My husbandís journalism, marketing and publishing background encouraged me to step out with this first volume. I am pleased to report that all we had hoped for appears to be coming to pass. Families are showing increased interest, common ancestry is being examined and the membership of TFA is growing. Most important now, are those volunteering to assist in needed fund raising. If you are able to help in this area, please contact James Burdett Thayer, Paul Goodwin Thayer, or Raymond Alexander Thayer. (see address posted elsewhere in this publication.)

Kevin Lynn Thayer photo

Kevin Lynn Thayer

Dr. Stephen Thayer (1783-1852) & Sophia Carleton (1790-1831).

Edwin R. Johnston TFA Director Eight Coach Road Walpole, MA 02081-2103

Jonathan Barb Thayer (1856/7- abt. 1944) & Rozina Antonia Tauchen (1872-1941)

Robert Henry Thayer 304 Patio Place Clinton, MS 39056-5380

Jonathan and Rozinaís descendants settled mainly in the state of Indiana. This well organized branch of the Thayer family will be meeting again for a reunion in 1998. The last reunion was in 1994 and before that; 1945/46. Bob says he is looking forward to the new journey as Representative “in the land of Thayer!”

Robert Henry Thayer

Kingman Thayer (1787-1872) & Sally Smith (1792-1858).

Marge Thayer Gross
17919 Mahogany
Forest Spring, TX 77379

Freeman Albert Thayer (1845-1927) and first wife; Rebecca R. Mathews (1848- 1888), and second wife; Grace Agnes Ostrander (1873-1934).

Mrs. Jan Lokensgard
Rt. 1 Box 91A
Park Rapids, MN 56470


Richard Leon (Dick) Thayer of 644 Lewis Ave., Billings, MT 69101 has agreed to serve as representatives for Thayers who served in the military. While visiting Braintree this past June the intense level of patriotism prevalent in our Thayer heritage became quite evident to me. It is obvious that many of our family members were military-minded individuals, with a large number of Thayer descendants serving to preserve freedom for all. Dick has agreed to coordinate efforts with other descendant who would like to share Thayer-related military information. If you have information to share, please write to Dick at the address above.

Richard Leon Thayer and son Bobby

Dick was educated at Montana State University earning a BS degree in Biology in 1971 and a ME degree in Education Administration with a Chemistry minor in 1972. Dick works as a Geologic and Chemical Consultant and his current contracts includes Exxon USA, Billings Refinery, as a quality control Chemist.

Patricia Thayer Muno