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Family Historian's Report

This has been the busiest and most productive summer ever! Our TFA meeting on June 10th was an exciting even that ran incredibly smooth, thanks to the arduous efforts of Raymond A. (Rick) Thayer, our Secretary. Our attendance had more than tripled with wonderful folks participating from all across the country. We all put our heads together and determined that the most urgent needs of our association was the building up of the membership and the seeking of funds for the forthcoming publishing project.

We were very privileged to vote and sustain our newest director, Paul Goodwin Thayer, of Staunton, VA who brings so many highly meritorious qualities with him. Paul has agreed to oversee the area of advertisement so that we can build up our membership. We extend our deep appreciation, Paul! Our Thanks also to Connie Thayer of Waterford, CT who served as our recorder.

Two of our Family Representatives, Jackie Thayer Culp of Inglewood, CO and Lynne Thayer Bartholomay of North Kingstown, RI came and gave illuminating reports on what they are doing to help with the compiling of records and recruiting of new members. Lynne has been contacting numerous cousins from all over, obtaining their genealogical information and submitting their names as potential members for contact to our Secretary who then sends letters of invitation to the hopefuls. Jackie has been using the telephone to call Thayers across the country and has had remarkable success in arousing the interests of potential members. She introduces herself, the TFA and the genealogy project and asks the individuals if they know their lineage. Most have freely volunteered their information in an effort to help, but when they have indicated that they do not know their information, she tells them that perhaps I can help them. There have been many dynamic members who have come to us as a result of our Reps efforts. Both gals served as my assistants at the meeting in setting up and in the sales of Thayer memorabilia. Jackie additionally served as served as my roommate and "ears" for the week.

Our newest Rep is J. Garland Thayer of 164 Taylor Mill Road, Limestone, TN 37681 who will represent the descendants of Thompson Thayer (1790/1795) and Martha Collins (1800-1859) of Abingdon, Washington County, VA. Individuals in this line are encouraged to combine efforts with Garland in compiling the records of Thompson's descendants.

David Noble Dittman of The Henry Thayer Company gives a surprise presentation. Photo courtesy Betty Lindblom

We had a fun surprise visit from an exuberant David Noble Dittman of Lincoln, MA who shared some great products with our attendees from his company, The Henry Thayer Company, est. in 1847. Thayers is the "Oldest Manufacturer of Botanical Medicines in America." I remember using Thayer's Slippery Elm Throat Lozenages as a child (no I am not 100 years old!) but had not seen them on the shelves for about 30 years. David has designed an attractive T-shirt with the Thayer name which advertises his products and has offered to donate 50% of the profits towards the publishing project. The cost is a "steal" at just $7.99 plus $1.00 for postage and handling per T- shirt and are available in X-large only. This will be a fun way to exhibit our pride in the Thayer name and at the same time help with a fund raising. A "must have" for family reunions! Send your check or money order today to Henry Thayer & Co., P.O. Box 6207, Lincoln, MA 01773.

The day after our meeting a number of us were privileged to take the beautiful drive to Mendon and visit the Historical Society and cemetery there. Our gracious hosts were Peter and Betty Lindblom who also provided refreshments and photography services during the meeting. Our appreciation goes to MHS president, Alice Palladini, who came down and opened up so that we could sample a glimpse at the lives of our Thayers once resided in that lovely, peaceful setting in Worcester county. Our heartfelt thanks to Mildred Noble Halechko who also helped make this trip possible and our deep appreciation to our Secretary, who provide limo services for most all of us out-of- towners for the entire week! We are determined that he will NOT have to do this for us again next year.

My latest book, The Thayer – Tayer – Theyer Families of Gloucestershire, England, 1500-1660 is scheduled to return from the bindery the week of August 14th. This limited 1st edition has been expertly produced and will be a treasure for generations to come. They are going fast with half already sold, so if you are hoping to have one of these to give to that special family member for Christmas, send your check for $49.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling ($54.00) today to me at 6885 SW 161 Place, Beaverton, OR 97007.

A projected deadline forth inclusion of any new genealogical data for the forthcoming "Comprehensive" genealogy is 31 December 1995, so we all have work to do. My appreciation to all who have made this such a terrific year so far. Looking forward to a glorious and productive Fall. Best wishes, Patricia Thayer Muno