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Our amazing Family Representatives have been working around the clock to help with the Thayer Genealogy project. Some of these energetic folks are really hard to keep up with! I will be making a report on their activities at the June 10th TFA Board meeting in Braintree, MA. My genuine appreciation to each for all their help. We welcome our four newest "Reps" listed below the lines they represent.

Jonathan Thayer (1737-1775) & Abigail Collins (1742-1800)

Ann W. Fincher 27031 Pemberton Dr. Salisbury, MD 21801

Chester Thayer (abt 1777-1815/18) & Ruth (_____) (1788-1855)

Mary Thayer Parrish 10881 Road 13 NW Quincy, WA 98848

Charles Evans Thayer (1815) & Julia A. Brainard (1819)

Erin Pritchett 1404 Beringer Court San Jose, CA 95125

Joseph Thayer (1836/37) & Elizabeth Bi Mose Kive (1840-1899) also Thaddeus Thayer (1834) and Mary (_____) (1851)

Madora Allin Boyd P.O. Box 145 Rochester, WA 98579-0745

Madora represents the Wisconsin Chippewa Indian line and we appreciate the challenges she has been faced with in gathering the records of her people.

One of my correspondents finally convinced me to do a reprint of the Errata / Index to the 1874 genealogy. There are only 2 of these left and available on a first come first serve basis. A few of the Thomas Thayer descendents books with the erroneous heading are still available for $25.00 postpaid. (Send SASE for details)

Many thanks to my anonymous benefactor who paid for my round trip ticket to Boston, MA from Portland, OR so that I might be in attendance at the June 10th TFA board meeting! This wonderful, generous person has also contributed moneys for my hotel expenses while visiting there. This says a lot about the kind and caring family that we are privileged to be part of.

The study and evaluation of the massive Waldo Chamberlain Sprague manuscript collection which has been shared with the TFA by the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has been completed. This tedious project encompassed many months and I am pleased to announce there were very few and very minor differences between his compilation and mine. Sprague's contribution is in the area of court records, land deeds, probate & wills, and some military and pension records. Sprague admits that he did not attempt any "exhaustive" or "systematic" collection of data after 1850 and his search was primarily limited to the New England states. On the other hand, my search for original vital and census records commenced with 1840 and encompassed all Thayers in all states to 1920, and to the present generation for some lines. Prior to 1840 my data was contrived from the published vital and other sources.

I will soon take a respite from the inclusion of new information and commence the formatting of the "Comprehensive" series. If you have not submitted the data of your family please DO IT NOW! At present we have 21,000 descendants for the immigrant, Thomas Thayer; 12,000 for Richard, and 3,000 for Nathaniel. It will take an estimated 2,100 pages to publish the data on the descendants of Thomas alone. This information will encompass five 8 X 11 inch volumes, with three of those for Thomas alone. There are still several hundred unplaced Thayer families not included in these figures.

The Thayer / Tayer / Theyer Families of Gloucetershire England 1500-1660 will soon go to press. This long-awaited publication contains illustrations and many pictures around Thornbury and will certainly be welcomed by all those individuals starved for more information on our earliest known families. It is being comprised in analogous form to the "Comprehensive"series. This book is being published with your help and delivery date will depend on the response from readers. Delivery is anticipated to be by August 31. See the insert in this issue for more details. If the insert is missing send a self addressed stamped envelope to (SASE) to my address for additional details.

I am greatly saddened by the February death of fellow TFA member Randolph W. Cornes of Bodega Bay, CA who served as my advisor in the formatting of this book.

It has come to my attention that some of our earliest TFA members may have submitted their genealogical data to the late Philip Standish Thayer. Philip's death was sudden and we are unsure who ended up with these submissions. If you feel your records may have been lost due to this misadventure, you may want to submit them again.

We finally have a volunteer to serve as TFA photographer and photo archivist! Kind-hearted Robert William Thayer of Schenectady, NY has 60 years of professional photography experience under his belt and has offered to copy our pre-1900 Thayer photos for inclusion in the Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer family of America. Important instructions for the submission of Thayer- related photos you would like to have appear in that publication are elsewhere in this mailing. If you are missing this information, please write to me first and be sure to send a SASE. Our appreciation to Bob for offering to do this invaluable service!

Many, many thanks to Robert F. Kidney of Rochester, NY who has generously shared the original applications from an earlier generation Thayers to the Compendium of American Genealogy. Some of these were 60 years old!

Patricia Thayer Muno 6885 SW 161 Place Beaverton, OR 97007-6336