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Historian/Genealogist Report

by Patricia Thayer Muno 

Welcome to our newest members in our wonderful Thayer Families Association. If you are a new member and suspect that I may not have your family’s genealogical information, please send it to me at your earliest convenience. If you would like to be part of the dynamic team of people working to make this America’s most phenomenal Family Association, drop us a line and let us know how we can put you to work. 

My desk over-floweth at Christmas time with kind greetings and well wishes from numerous somehow cousins. The Thayer-related correspondence work load rarely tapers off here. The enlistment of help from my assistance, Henry Jerome (“Jerry”) Thayer of Hampton, VA, has been a blessing indeed. With Jerry’s help, I am trying to record and preserve all the important details in the lives of our ancestral families. It can be tedious at times and there is always the worry that some information may ”fall through the cracks,” or someone’s request may go unanswered. Jerry is responding to queries left at the TFA home page and other Internet sites, and after evaluations, has been forwarding the results to me. 

Demand for the Thayer - Tayer - Theyer Families of Gloucestershire England book continues to bring in requests for information on where to purchase this popular publication. I have been asked by our TFA President to have some available for the Thayer gathering at West Point in June, and will therefore do another printing. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please send $64.00 (postage and handling included) to the address below. 

Early Thayer photographs (preferably pre-1920) are still desired for inclusion in the forthcoming Thayer genealogy publications. Some of our members have had really good success with making copies of their cherished photos at a local copy center, such as Kinkos or Lazerquick. Making copies of your photos on card stock with a good COLOR laser copy machine using a black and white setting prevents the chance of loss or damage to the original. 

Also, if you have access to the Internet and can send photos as an attached file, I can accept those in JPEG file format. If you would like to have copies of your early Thayer photos considered for inclusion in the Thayer genealogy works, they may be sent directly to me. The selection and use of photos may be based on the availability of space. Please do not send me your originals. Mail your properly marked and carefully packaged copies to the address listed below. These should include the following information: 

Your complete name and return address Listing of the subject or persons in the picture Descriptive information (if available) 

With the exciting Thayer 2000 reunion just around the corner, it is anticipated that my book on The Descendants of Nathaniel Thayer, Immigrant to America, 1660 will be available for distribution at the West Point gathering. Meanwhile, new information continues to be incorporated into my genealogical data base, which at present is near 56,000 individuals. My thanks to each of your for the continued support in the Thayer Genealogy Project. 

Patricia Thayer Muno
Thayer Family Historian 

6885 SW 161 Place 

Beaverton, OR 97007-6336 

e-mail: TriciaMuno@aol.com