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Historian’s Report August 1999

By Patricia Thayer Muno 

Making History

One of the hardest things for me to deal with, in my 26 years of work and ten years spent building an inclusive family association, is saying goodbye to precious Thayer “cousins” I have been privileged to know and love. Over 40 cousins have died in the past two years. 

We are seldom ready to say goodbye. 

Each of us is an unwritten book of stories and experiences, hopefully passed on to the next generation; but too often set aside with the excuse of “not enough time.” Yet it is the fabric of history, and too often forgotten. I encourage everyone to keep a journal -- an early custom worth restoring -- and teach our children to do the same. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if family journals were kept beside the Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family in each of our homes, ready to be shared with family members and passed down through the generations? 


Nathaniel Book Ready By Christmas 

In June, TFA Board Members were given a laptop preview of the 300 pages of the formatted book on the descendants of Nathaniel Thayer, the first book dedicated to one of the three early ancestors from Thornbury, England. It is my hope that the “Comprehensive” will be funded from the Thayer Publishing Fund at BHS. If not, I’ll have to find other means to meet this long awaited publishing goal. 


Meetings with BHS’s Brian Kolner 

In June, TFA President Al Morton, BHS Director Brian Kolner, my husband Don Muno, and I developed a plan for the TFA Publishing Fund, which we all trust 

will provide financial backing for the Comprehensive Thayer Genealogy publishing project. Now it’s up to TFA members to, as Brian put it, “build” the fund by contributing. The goal for this fund is $150,000 to $200,000. James Burdett Thayer (Beaverton, OR) is our TFA Fundraising Chairman. 

Brian recommends, additionally, that The Thayers in Gloucestershire, England be included with the Comprehensive to make an even 10 volume set. Nathaniel’s single volume will be followed by an estimated three for Richard, and five volumes for Thomas. 


Assistance With Thayer Queries
In order to focus on completing the 10 volume Comprehensive, I am pleased to announce that Jerry Thayer (Hampton, VA) has stepped forward to assist with the great volumes of queries I receive. Jerry’s dedication to research accuracy, and willingness to help people are priceless. Send queries to: 

Henry Jerome (Jerry) Thayer
311 Willow Oaks Blvd. Hampton, VA 23669- 1531