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Historian’s Report June 13 2002

It has been an incredibly busy quarter as I commence the temporary winding down of correspondence and making preparations for the formatting of my next volume in the Comprehensive series, The Descendants of Richard Thayer, Immigrant to America 1641. I find it impossible to keep up with the heavy flow of e-mail correspondence AND do the formatting also. The following e-mail message was sent out this month to over 1,000 individuals in my Thayer e-mail address book:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: In order to get my Thayer books formatted, I find it necessary to drop E-mail for a while. Please make note of my home mailing address in the event that you need to contact me. Genealogical queries can continue to be sent to Jerry Thayer in Hampton, VA, E-mail: HJThayer@aol.com.

During this time, I will be working on the formatting of my volumes on the descendants of Richard Thayer, Immigrant to America 1640 of myComprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America series. Submissions of genealogical and biographical information, and also copies of pre- 1920 photographs can be sent directly to my home mailing address listed below. However, if you submit information on the descendants of the immigrant RICHARD THAYER after 15 June 2002, I cannot guarantee that the information will be included in this forthcoming publication.

To those Thayer descendants who have not joined the Thayer Families Association, or have let their membership lapse, please join/rejoin at your earliest convenience so you may be kept abreast of important developments and the reinstatement of my future E-mail service... I will keep our Thayer Quarterly newsletter editor and Webmaster, Lee Thayer, abreast of updates through the newsletter and the Thayer Families Association web site.

Patricia Thayer Muno
Thayer Family Historian
3618 North 225 East
North Ogden, UT 84414-2762