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March 2011

TFA Historian’s Report March 2011

by Patricia Thayer Muno, Thayer Family Historian 

Volume V of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America is well under way. It is projected that it will be available in time for 2011 Christmas, and most likely well before then. There have been many photos shared, but if you have any pre-1930 photos which you would like to include, please send them along as soon as possible. 

With ten projected volumes in the “Comprehensive” genealogy, it can become mind-boggling to know just which volume contains the information pertaining to any given individual’s specific line. A list of the 2,121 surnames in the index for Volume V, Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637, Through His Son Thomas2 and His Grandsons, Jonathan3 and Thomas3, Ferdinando2 is available on the web site at ThayerFamilies.com / Historian’s Corner / Books of the Comprehensive. 

There are 5,160 Thayers in Volume V and they all descend from the below families: 

1. Thomas Thayer (Immig.1637) (c.16 Aug 1596- Thornbury, Gloucester, England;d.2 Jun 1665) 

sp: Margery Wheeler (b.25 Apr 1600- Thornbury, Gloucester, England;m.13 Apr 1618) 

2. Thomas Thayer (c.15 Sep 1622- Thornbury, Gloucester,England) 

sp: Hannah (or Anna) (b.Abt 1625- of,,England; m.Abt 1643) 

3. Thomas Thayer (b. Abt 1651/1652- Braintree, Norfolk,MA) 

sp: Abigail Veazie (b.Abt 1661;m.25 Mar 1680)
3. John Thayer (b.25 Dec 1656- Braintree, Norfolk,MA;b.19 Dec 1746- Braintree, Norfolk,MA) 

sp: Mary Neale (b.11 May 1664- Braintree, Norfolk,MA;m.Abt 1683;b.6 Jul 1724- Braintree, Norfolk,MA) 

sp: Ruth Neale (b.25 Dec 1670- Braintree, Norfolk,MA;m.2 Aug 1688) 

2. Ferdinando Thayer (c.18 Apr 1625- Thornbury, Gloucester,England) 

sp: Huldah Hayward (b.7 Oct 1636- ,,England;m.14 Jan 1652/1653) 

3. Jonathan Thayer (b.18 Mar 1658- Braintree, Norfolk,MA;) 

sp: Elizabeth French (b.29 Sep 1655- Braintree, Norfolk,MA;m.13 Jul 1680) 

sp: Sarah Darling (b.Abt 1660;m.Not married) 

3. Thomas Thayer (b.14 Feb 1664- Mendon, Worcester,MA) 

sp: Mary Poole (b.20 Nov 1668- Weymouth, Norfolk,MA;m.28 Oct 1687) 

There will be between 800 – 900 pages, loaded with historical and biographical information as well as documented genealogical sources.
A sampling of some of the better known Thayers in Volume V includes: 

  • Abbott Handerson Thayer, Artist and “Father of Camouflage” paintings
  • Alexander Wheelock Thayer, Author.
  • Clarence Allen Thayer, builder of the three- masted Schooner, C.A. Thayer(1895)
  • Ernest Lawrence Thayer, Author of Casey At The Bat.
  • Gerald Handerson Thayer, Artist.
  • Dr. Henry Thayer, of the Thayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Horace Newell Thayer, Manufacturer of the Thayer Baby Furniture.
  • Kate (Bloede) Thayer (1948-1891), Artist
  • Nancy L. Thayer (1949- ), Author
  • Porter Charlie Thayer (1882-1972), New
    England Photographer
  • Tiffany Ellsworth Thayer (1902-1959),
    American actor, Author and founder of the Fortean Society (the inspiration behind the popularX Files television program.
  • Scofield Thayer (1889-1982) , American Poet and Publisher, and editor of The Dial. 
  • Stephen Henry Thayer (1839-1919), Author, Member of NY Stock Exchange, Financial Editor.
  • Judge Webster Thayer, Notoriously known as the “Hanging Judge.”
  • William Roscoe Thayer, Author
  • William Wallace Thayer (1827-1899), 6th Governor of Oregon.
    There are also, some interesting Thayer connections to the authors Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) and Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain - 1835- 1910)!
  • The following notes from the Comprehensive publishing editor, Donald Muno:
  • As Patricia and I approach Volume V of the Comprehensive, I would like to raise the level of general knowledge concerning our ongoing efforts to remain on task. Patricia and I knew upon beginning our massive research and publishing effort that we would encounter problems on our journey. Some are expected while others were not. We began research efforts 38 years ago in 1973. Following a 1988 trip to Boston and meeting with H. Hobart Holly and Brig. General James Burdett Thayer, two of the three founders of TFA, commenced efforts establish the Thayer Families Association. Many of those who strongly supported our early efforts have gradually passed on. For those who remain strong supporters we will be eternally grateful. Our biggest stumbling block has resulted from the Braintree Historical Society loosing their director and direction, and consequently, also the Thayer Publishing Fund. We had moved publishing operations to Braintree and provided BHS with all discs and plates needed for ongoing publishing. Monies were placed in “trust” and I orchestrated publishing of volume IV in Braintree in 2005while living here in the Rocky Mountains.
    By the ongoing efforts of Al Morton and his recent trip to Braintree, we retrieved discs for volume III and cover plates for volumes I and II. BHS still has within their files the remaining discs and plates not found. Patricia and I have communicated with a long time Thayer correspondent in Boston who upon returning from a vacation will work with us to secure other items remaining at BHS. The long and the short of it, we will move all publishing back to us here in Utah. Our intent is to continue with the final volumes and be able to offer libraries a comprehensive set which chronicles one of the most complete family histories ever published in America. Once we have gathered all that we can, we will let members of TFA know what is available and return to publishing volumes now out of print. In preparation for that time, I have alerted proven publishing houses and bindery houses of our intent. 

While we may have to work on a “pre-sale” basis. You can be assured that we will continue with our original pledge to finish this life- long project. We wish to thank each of you for your continued support and the efforts of the officers and members of the TFA to stay connected to one of the finest families in America. Sincerely, Don Muno