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Agnes Marie (COMPTON) THAYER (1898-2005) wife of Ross A. THAYER, 
mother of former TFA president, Curtis Ross THAYER, here today (age 107 years and 12 days!!!)
Alan Ace THAYER (1921-2005)
Arlen THAYER (1944-2006)
Beatrice Mabel (PEARL) THAYER (1907-2005), wife of Louis Reginald THAYER
Charles THAYER (1928-2005)
Chester Elbert THAYER (1919-2005)
Claude K. THAYER (1914-2005)
David F. THAYER (1923-2005)
David W. THAYER (1930-2005)
David Warren THAYER (1933-2005), TFA member
Donald Winfield THAYER (1924-2005)
Doreen Frances (DONOVAN) THAYER (1922-2005), wife of James Earl THAYER
Dorothy (        ) THAYER (1920-2005), wife of Erwin Wayne THAYER
Douglas Edward THAYER (1958-2005)
Edwin Albert THAYER (1915-2005)
Elvin Hale THAYER (1914-2005)
Enrique Alberto THAYER (1940-2005)
Ethelyn Rowena (THAYER) ALEXANDER (1930-2005)
Euclid Coleman THAYER (1919-2006)
Eva Lincoln (THAYER) GARDNER (1914-2005)
Evalyn Christine (THAYER) FELTON (1918-2005)
Evelyn Edna (ENSALL) THAYER (1914-2005), wife of  John Wayne THAYER
Everett THAYER (1916-2006)
Floyd James THAYER (1940-2005)
Foster R. THAYER (1909-2006)
Frank Kirk THAYER (1927-2005)
Frank Lewis THAYER (1911-2006)
Franklin Harlow THAYER (1916-2005)
Harold Lester THAYER (1941-2005)
Harwood Franklin THAYER (1932-2006)
Herbert E. THAYER (1918-2005)
Inez (WARREN) THAYER (1917-2006), wife of James Cleodis THAYER
Jane O. (CONROY) THAYER (1923-2005), wife of Lloyd G. THAYER 
Jeanne Partridge (THAYER) DUNFORD (1915-2005)
Jerry THAYER (1942-2006)
Jewel (NIEMANN) THAYER (1929-2005), wife of Walter W. THAYER
John Clinton THAYER (1952-2006)
John Donald THAYER (1922-2005)
John Edmund THAYER (1926-2005)
John S. THAYER (1928-2005)
Kenneth Edmundson THAYER (1927-2005) 
Lawrence Edward THAYER (1924-2006)
Lawrence Franklin THAYER (1913-2005)
Lawrence Joshua THAYER (1911-2005) 
Leo THAYER (1915-2006)
Lila (MC CANN) THAYER (1909-2005), wife of  Lester Vincent THAYER  
Margaret (HEATH) THAYER (1916-2005), wife of Richard James Thayer and mother of TFA Vice President,  James Loren Thayer.
Marilyn (SHEPARD) THAYER (1922-2005), wife of Franklin Nathaniel THAYER, mother of Franklin Nathaniel THAYER here today. 
Mavis Elizabeth (STUDLEY) THAYER (1928-2005), wife Raymond Alexander THAYER
Melvin Orin THAYER (1917-2005)
Morgan Ross THAYER (1914-2006)
Myron D. THAYER (1910-2005)
Opal (      ) THAYER, (1908-2005) wife of Lester THAYER
Ralph F. THAYER (1898-2005) (age 106 years, 4 months and 22 days)
Raymond E. THAYER (1911-2006)
Richard THAYER (1923-2005)
Richard THAYER (1934-2005)
Richard D. THAYER (1923-2005)
Richard Owen THAYER (1917-2005)
Robert D. THAYER (1924-2005)
Robert Freeman THAYER (1922-2005)
Roma Gertrude (ROGERSON) THAYER, (1920-2005) Col. Alan Phillip THAYER
Roscoe Crocket THAYER (1912-2006)
Roy Elsworth THAYER (1912-2005)
Shirley Madeline (THAYER) OLINGER (1932-2006)
Stephen Cleve THAYER (1922-2005)
Stephen Dickinson THAYER (1949-2005)
Stuart Wallace THAYER (1924-2005) (TFA member)
Wesley DeWeese THAYER (1922-2006)
Wilbur F. THAYER (1916-2005)
Winslow Allen THAYER (1924-2005)