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Thank you for inquiring about the Thayer Photography Project. We appreciate your efforts to be involved in this worth while cause to preserve the information and images of our distinctive Thayer family ancestors! Below you will find a few guidelines for the submission of the pre-1920 photos you would like to see published in the forthcoming publication, A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America.

Previously, we had asked you to send in your photos to our TFA Photographer, Bob Thayer, for copying but with the advances in copying techniques, we are now going to ask you to make the copies yourself.

There is several advantages to doing this yourself:

 No need to send the photo anywhere, which is more than likely, precious to you.
 You control how it is copied, ensuring it is not damaged.
 You can make the copy on photo stock, or save to a disk or CD-ROM, for electronic submission of your photos.
 When sending the copies to TFA, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or damaged being returned to you.

Go to a Wal-Mart, Kinkos, LazerQuick, or any large Copy Center, and go to the photography section. They have a machine there that can make high resolution, color photographic copies of extremely high quality. Use the Black & White setting only.

There should be a store attendant close by for your initial copy to show you how to use the system. You simply touch the screen and follow the instructions on a computer screen. Your photo is simply placed on a glass place and it is copied, causing no damage to your photo.

Take a 3-1/2 disk or CDR with you if you want it placed on a disk or CD, make sure you ask the attendant to show you how to do this. This is extremely handy for sending in pictures via email.

If you want to send in photos on photo stock paper, do not write on the backs of the photos with a ball point pen, sharp pencil or other sharp instrument that will cause an impression to come through the photo side. Some ballpoint pens will bleed or smear if they are stacked on top of another photo. To be safe, it would be a good idea to place a sheet of paper or tissue between photos. Some flow tip pens will also smear so be careful that the ink is thoroughly dry.

Please mark each and every photo on the back using a photo marking pen or pre-printed, self-adhesive address labels with: 

 Your complete name and return address.
 Listing of the subject or persons in the photo.
 Descriptive information, date photo was taken, as well as ages of people in the photos.

It is really important that your name and address appear on every submission because, if you are a Thayer, there may be 10 other individuals with your same name also submitting photos! However the use of “post-it” notes containing this information is not acceptable as they can become separated from the photos.

Also, you can send photos as attached files in .JPG / .JPEG file format. If you would like to have copies of your early Thayer photos considered for inclusion in the Thayer Genealogy works, they may be sent directly to me. The selection and use of photos may be based on the availability of space. Please do not send me your originals.

 Mail your properly marked and carefully packaged photos to:

Patricia Thayer Muno
Thayer Family Historian
3618 North 225 East
North Ogden, UT 84414
Email: TriciaMuno@aol.com

Thank you for your help and interest in the Thayer Genealogy project!