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QUESTION 1: What is the " Comprehensive..." work we have been hearing about?
ANSWER: It is the massive compilation of Thayer genealogical data which I (Tricia Thayer Muno) have researched and gathered in a project which was commenced over 20 years ago. It consists of data extracted from numerous original sources and my personal correspondence with hundreds of Thayer families over a period years. I have personally extracted and computerized the Thayer vital records for numerous states, as well as soundexes for 1880, 1900, and 1920 for all states in the Union. The present compilation encompasses the genealogical data of over 45,000 Thayers which have been entered into a lineage linked genealogy computer program (Personal Ancestral File). Those individuals for who there is no known connection to the lineage's of the Colonial immigrants Thomas, Richard, and Nathaniel have also been computerized and are kept in an "Unplaced" file until they can take on identity, hopefully, with the help of the descendants themselves. The Thayer Families Association, established in 1991, will sponsor this proposed publication, which will be incorporated as a multi-volume ambition.

QUESTION 2: What information do you want me to submit? Are you interested in the results of my many years of research?
ANSWER: Any Thayer-related information (down to the present generation) that you would like to share will be gladly accepted. However, due to the vast size of the Thayer family, only those who carry the Thayer surname will be included in the present planned publication. If you have genealogical data on the descendants of the daughters of the Thayers whom you would like to share, it will be filed and preserved for future use by the TFA.

QUESTION 3: In what form do you want me to submit my shared genealogical data?
ANSWER: I prefer to receive your data already compiled and illustrated on printed charts. However, I can also accept a DOS formatted GEDCOM disk of your computer files. Thayer related data that has not been compiled into Family Group Records and Pedigree Charts will also be accepted, however more time will be required for the evaluation and computerization of such information. Additionally, I seek Thayer biographical and historical data and ask that the descendants share their old photographs (preferably pre-1920) for possible inclusion in the forthcoming publication. Our TFA photographer and archivist will safely copy and return your treasures unharmed FREE of charge. (Please inquire about this service if interested.)

QUESTION 4: Can you help me with my lineage problem?
ANSWER: Because I have collected the genealogical data for most Thayers, along with their spouses and ancestors, for nearly all who ever lived in America, I will most likely have pre-1920 information on YOUR Thayer family. I have expended numerous years of work and thousands of dollars on the research project with no financial returns, however, and must ask a small charge for the Thayer Pedigree Referral Service. If I do not have any information on your family, I will refund your check or money order.

QUESTION 5: What do you know about the World Book of Thayers, Thayers Since the Civil War, and New World Book of Thayers offered by Halbert's Family Heritage Company?
ANSWER: These publications portend to be genealogies of the Thayer family but THEY ARE NOT! The inconsequential genealogical data that they contain is often inaccurate and misleading. Unless you want a personalized Thayer address book, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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