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Civil War Veterans

The following is a list of Thayers who were known to have served in the Civil War. Of these, there were Generals, Captains, Lieutenants and Thayers could be found fighting in nearly every major battle of the war. There were most likely many more than are represented here, but these have been identified by our Historian/Genealogist.

The lineage connection to the immigrants Thomas, Richard and Nathaniel Thayer is unknown for those individuals listed in bold face type.
Only ten of the Thayers in this list were known to have served in the Confederate States Army, and are listed in bold blue type.
Newly added items are in bold face red.
When “of” appears in the Birthplace column, it indicates the exact birth place has not been determined.

If you have any questions concerning these individuals, or would like to add names to the list, or have information on the unplaced Thayer, please contact Patricia Muno at TriciaMuno@aol.com.



Thayer Born-Died Birthplace Wife/*Father
Abel Houston 1842-1912   Virginia LOVE
Abiather Horace 1826-1864 Attleboro, MA Abby Rosanna BLANDING
Abner Marshall 1824-1869 Troy, NY Sarah F. BONESTEEL
Alanson 1838-1919 of Flint, MI Harriet STEVENS
Elizabeth (_____)
Alanson Davilla 1847-1924 Lafayette, OH Sarah F. KINNEY
Minnie G. (_____)
Albert 1836-1920 Pickinsville, SC Martha Ann LITTLE
Albert Augustus 1848-1923   Mary COLBURN
Albert C. 1847-1884   Mary HARDING
Albert Ellsworth 1846-1933 Lockport, NY Caroline Adeline KEYES
Albert M. 1834- Mansfield, MA Josephine B. SAMPSON
Alexander Theodore 13 Dec 1844-19 Feb 1909 NY Harriett (_____)/*Hamlet D. 8 (James Ellis 7, Ellis 6, Jeremiah 5, Ebenezer 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Alfred 1840-   UNKNOWN
Alfred C. 1845-1898 Buckland, MA Carrie LOTHROP
Alfred L. 1827-8 Jun 1879 probably NY UNKNOWN
Alfred Strong 1831-1891 Boston, MA Julia Maria PUTNAM
Mary Agnes JELLIS
Allen Martin 1844-1864 of Truxton, NY *Martin George THAYER
Alonzo H. 25 Apr 1842-1919 NY Sarah M. CARVERY (CORBERY?)/*Elijah 7 (Elijah 6, Noah 5, Ebenezer 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Alson Wales 1844-1864 Randolph, MA *Asa THAYER
Alvin E. 1842- of Waterford, MI *John M. THAYER
Amasa Stetson 1834-1903 Belchertown, MA Sarah J. ALDRICH
Amasa W. 1831-1913 Chesterfield, MA Ann P. STRONG
Julia C. DAY
Amos 1836- Otsego County, NY Ida F. WOOD
Amos Madden 1841-1905 Westfield, NY Sidney Hunton BROTHER
Andrew J. 1833- Hardwich, MA Sylvia B. JOHNSON
Andrew J. Jun 1836-1904 Highland County, OH *Joseph 7 (Timothy 6, Reuben 5, Joseph 4, Ephraim 3, Shadrach 2, Thomas 1)
Andrew Jackson 1829- of Gedded, NY Jane CRILL
Andrew Jackson 1829-1908   Phebe A. HILL
Andrew Penniman 1837-1927 Thompson, CT Kate Cass BOWEN
Ansel Penniman 1845-1864 Weymouth, MA *William Franklin THAYER
Aretus T. 1840-1863 Warren, VT *Aaron THAYER
Asahel 1821-1862   Lucy HIGGINS
Asahel M. 21 May 1842- NY  
Atherton 1838- of Cincinnati, OH Romelia J. WILSON
Austin 1841-1922   Susan L. EWING
Austin Palmer 1845-1915 Rome, Oneida, NY Catherine J. GUILDER
Benjamin Apollo 25 May 1844-   Mariah M. (_____)/*Rufus 8 (Asahel 7, Enoch 6, Noah 5, Ebenezer 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Benjamin B. 1837- of Broadalbin, NY Julia A. TATRO
Benjamin Davis 1843-1864 Worcester, MA *Amos THAYER
Benjamin H. 1828- of Ontario, NY Ann HUMPHREY
Catherine ZIBELL
Caleb 1841-1919   Rebecca Eveline (_____)
Caleb H. 12 Sep 1833-23 Aug 1921 Highland County, OR or Cincinatti, Hamilton, OH Joanna MURPHY/*Joseph 7 (Timothy 6, Reuben 5, Joseph 4, Ephraim 3, Shadrach 2, Thomas 1)
Calvin Cutler 1829-1863 Bellingham, MA *Willard THAYER
Cass P. 1849- NY Emily (_____)
Chandler 1839-1863   *Walter Brown THAYER
Charles abt 1837-27 Apr 1865 VT *Augustus & Eliza THAYER
Charles 2 Apr 1816-2 Jul 1902 Bloomfield, Trumbull, OH Kervilla WIDNER/*Charles 6 (Daniel 5, Samuel 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Charles A. 1848-1933 of Pittsburg, IN *Josiah S. THAYER
Charles C. 5 Mar 1840-1929 Bartholomew County, IN Mary E. ______/*Charles 7 (Charles 6, Daniel 5, Samuel 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Charles Edwin 1844- Port Jackson, NY *John THAYER
Charles F. 1831-1896   Harriet R. DIMMICK
Charles Franklin 1837-1933   Lois Ann IRONS
Charles Frederick 1827-   Anna France MILLER
Charles Henry 1840- Franklin, MA Juliette Margaret REED
Isabell (_____)
Charles Henry 1840-1863 Randolph, MA Eleanor F. PACKARD
Charles Henry 1843- Turner, ME Helen Mendora LOWE
Charles Howard 1841-1919   Amanda Boston (2nd wife)
Charles Luther 1841-1863 Randolph, MA *Charles THAYER
Charles N. 1827-   Sarah S. (_____)
Charles Packard 1838-1916 Randolph, MA *Adoniram THAYER
Charles Payson 1837-1864 Randolph, MA Mary H. WHITE
Charles Spencer 1846-1870 Braintree, MA *Ansel THAYER
Chauncey Rice 1833-1898 of NY Sarah MOSES
Rachel I. ROWE
Chester 1834-1908 Truxton, NY Sarah E. RIBBY
Christopher C. 1830- Bridgewater, PA Sally TEWKSBURY
Christopher Joseph 17 Sep 1833-14 Apr 1906 Bloomfield, Trumbull, OH *Joseph Buckminster 7, (Charles 6, Daniel 5, Samuel 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Clarence Cordes 1827-1861   Susan F. GREENLEAF
Clarence Herbert 1844-   *Seth Turner THAYER
Corydon E. 1843-1911 Brantrum, PA Hester Roena ALLIS
Curtis J. 1831-   *Ellis THAYER
Cyrus Edward 1838-1865   *Ezekiel THAYER
Cyrus Gilbert 1842-1863 Warren, VT *Pliny THAYER
Daniel 1814-1867 Dresden, ME Catherine H. KIDDER
Daniel 1847-1880 Lubec, ME Harriet A. REYNOLDS
Daniel Almon 1842- of Chinquency, CANADA Anna E. MORRIS
Daniel Austin 1838-1864 Braintree, MA *Gideon THAYER
Daniel Brainard 1825-1863 of Westfield, NY Sarah BLY
Daniel Marian 16 Mar 1848-20 Jan 1920 Eagle Village, Boone, IN Annie Virginia BOULT/*Oel 7, (Windsor 6, Stephen 5, Samuel 4, Thomas 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Daniel Neltson 1823-1888 Lebanon, NY Melissa Ann STARTWELL
Daniel W. 1824- NY Sarah C. (_____)
David Caleb 1831- of Dover, NY Jeanette ALLEN
David W. 1 Mar 1847-12 Jan 1865 Barrington, Yates, NY *Simeon 8 (Simeon 7, Reuben 6, Isaac 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Davis James 1838-1862 West Milton, OH *Davis White THAYER
DeForest 1844-1920 of Harmony, NY Elizabeth HAZELTINE
Ebenezer 1833-1865 of So. Kent, CT Lucinda BLAIR
Ebenezer Coddington 1835-1864 Braintree, MA *Ebenezer Coddington THAYER
Ebenezer Franklin 1821-1905   Adeline J. DIMICK
Ebenezer White 1833-1913 Hadley, MA Annie E. TUNNICLIFFE
Edgar S. 1838-1908 Taunton, MA Mary Francis TITUS
Edgar Glenroy 1846-1922 Winchester, NH Sarah Jane PHILLIPS
Edmond Etherington (or Eseck) 16 Sep 1839-1917 Gibson, Susquehanna, PA Julia Estelle LORD/*Horace 7, (Eseck 6, Uriah 5-4, Ebenezer 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Edmond Page 1834-1863 Oxford, ME *Isaac Allen THAYER
Edmund Joseph 1840-1895 VT Emily Francis BENEDICT
Edward 1843-1899   Emma Lewis DEXTER
Edward Arthur 1844-1891   Margaret Jane PALMER
Edward B. 1840-1901 of Betheny, NY Mary Eliza Ann LEEPER
Edward Cobb 1823-1904 Plainfield, Hampshire, MA 1st. Marcella S. Taft & 2nd. Abigail Vining /*Samuel Thayer (1788-1877) and Hannah Tirrell (1787-1869)
Edward Nelson 1834-1864 Bennington, VT *Nelson THAYER
Edward P. 1839- Chicopee Falls, MA Alice A. PARSONS
Louise (_____)
Edwin Burton 1840-1911 Randolph, VT Helen Martha SHATTUCK
Edwin Francis 1846-1922 Greenfield, MA Mary Lucy WOOD
Emma S. (_____)
Edwin Loring 1836-1913 Dorchester, MA Mary Amanda HAYDEN
Rosetta L. RUSSELL
Eldridge May 1832-1917 Westfield, NY Mary Catherine MERRYFIELD
Election 1847- of Flint, MI Mary L. (_____)
Eli 1831-1862   Sybil Augusta CHAMBERLAIN
Eli 1833-1864 of Bloomfield, MI Jane POWELL
Eli 1838-1865 Belchertown, MA Susannah B. CHOPE
Elias L. 1825-1881   Lavinia S. HUNTER
Elihu Morton 1831-1888 Braintree, MA Henrietta HOWARD
Elisha Dennis 1841-1898   Minerva CHANDLER
Elliot Monroe 1845-   *Ovando THAYER
Ellis Packard 1824-1890   Abby L. (_____)
Elmer Miles 1841-1908   Mary Ellen FORBES
Elwyn Matoon 1849-1936 Buckland, MA *Alvin S. THAYER
Emery Davis 1843-1870 Wrentham, MA Matilda A. BRITTAN
Enos 18 Oct 1838-18 Oct 1838   Mary Elizabeth FARIES/*Ichabod 7 (Ichabod 6, Thomas 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Enos Washington 1821-1864 N. Bridgewater, MA Elizabeth Louisa FISHER
Ephraim Henry 1845-1881 Randolph, MA *Ephraim THAYER
Ezekiel Smith 1845-   *Stephen V. THAYER
Erasmus Macy 12 Mar 1844- West Milton, Miami, OH Amanda STEVENS/*Davis White (Ichabod 6,Thomas 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Ezra 1840-1864 of Spring, PA *Isaac Tucker THAYER
Ezra Newell 1843-1911 of Summerset, NY Sarah Jeanette BENNETT
Ferdinand A. 1845-1915 of Lafayette, IN Oda (_____)
Fernando 1834-1876 Southbridge, MA Eliza A. HOLMAN
Fernando C. L. W. 1845-1916 Petersham, MA Evelina L. ADAMS
Floyd Adelbert 1849-1927 NY Rosilla Malisia FOX
Fordyce 1839-1864 of Sheldon, NY *Dexter THAYER
Francis H. 1838-1903 Taunton, MA *George Washington THAYER
Francis H. 1837- of Foxcraft, ME Adelia J. NICHOLSON
Francis Melvin 1842-1920   Hannah Ann KIMBER
Francis Packard 1847-1904 Braintree, MA *David THAYER
Francis Payson 1843- Abington, MA Susan E. MATTHEWS
Francis Warner 1847-1900 Port, NY *John THAYER
Francis Warner 1849-1912   Romaetta WILLSEY
Franklin William 1847-1923 of Bloomfield, MI Lurania CROSBY
Frederick Lewis 1836-1896 Wrentham, MA Emeline Jane CARPENTER
Freeman 1845-1881   Emma L. ROWE
Friewaldau C. 1844-1923 Mendon, MA Abigail Caroline LITCH
Galen Henry 1835- Cape Vincent, NY Mary ROSS
Gardner Baldwin 1834-1899 NY Emily J. FRENCH
George 1833-1901 of Monroe, MI Hannah THIRKITTLE
George 9 Jun 1834-2 Jul 1893 of Broadalbin, Fulton, NY Nancy A.BRIGGS/*Jacob 8 (Daniel 7, Reuben 6, Isaac 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
George 1840-   UNKNOWN
George 1840-   UNKNOWN
George Augustine 1839-1925   Katherine Thayer ABBOTT
George B. G. 1844-1862 of Albany, NY *Asa Packard THAYER
George Dudley 1845- Roxbury, MA Florence A. BRAINARD
Dora B. (_____)
George Duncan -1865   *Thomas THAYER
George Edward 1844- Belchertown, MA Lydia A. WRIGHT
George Edward 1845-1915   Mary E. (_____)
George Frederick 1837-1865 Braintree, MA *Ansel THAYER
George G. 1840- of Chester, ME Florence V. (_____)
George G. 1839-1914 of Lee, NY Theda A. HEWS
George Henry 1842-1922 Lima, NY Mary Irene WAVER
George Leonard 1841- Petersham, MA Mary Louisa SYLVESTER
Aurelia Matilda MANN
George M. 1842-1865 Farmington, MI *John THAYER
George Morrill 1845-1915 Providence, RI Jennie Frances OWENS
George Nathaniel 1842-1917 of Truxton, NY Elizabeth MYERS
George Richards 14 Mar 1840-24 Aug 1912 Weymouth, MA *Nicholas 6 (Demetrius 5, James 4, Ephraim 3, Shadrach 2, Thomas 1)
George R. 1841- of Canaan, NY Sarah A. (_____)
George W. 1825- Braintree, Orange County, VT Martha THOMAS, Sara M. ROUGHT, *Zenas THAYER
George W. 1834-1862   Sarah Ann HENRY
George W. 1839- of Alabama, NY Almira Eliza VAN BUREN
George W. 1848-   Florence M. (_____)
George W. 1840-   UNKNOWN
George W. 13 Jan 1846-30 Sep 1897 De Kalb, St. Lawrence County, NY Anna RONEY about 1869 and Cora Ermina AXTELL 27 Mar 1881/*Isaac 8 (Dennis W. 7, Isaac 6-5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
George Washington 1816-1867 Gray, ME Sarah Jane GRANT
George Washington 1833-1881   Mary E. BURTON
George Washington 1822-1863 Stockbridge, MA Nancy WILLIAMS
Gershom 1848-1864 F. Poestenkill, NY *Gershom THAYER
Gilbert M. F. 1841-   *Abner THAYER
Harry A. 1830-1894   Alice COX
Henry Barnes 1844-1917 of Burke, NY Sarah Ann FERNALD
Henry Brown 1824-1910 of Maryland, NY Mary Elizabeth RILEY
Henry Bucklin 1832-1896 Marlboro, MA *Sullivan THAYER
Henry Carter 1829-1905 Randolph, MA Matilda J. FOGG
Henry D. 1838-1908 Foxcraft, ME Sarah F. (_____)
Henry D. 1845-1863 of Florida, MA *Daniel THAYER
Henry Francis 1833- Taunton, MA Eliza Jane BOWEN
Henry French 1813-1865 of Troy, NY Ann WRIGHT
Henry Martin 1826-1876 Randolph, MA Lucy A. HOLMES
Henry Norton 1831- of Carthage, OH *Caleb THAYER
Henry Sargent 1829-1863 Leicester, MA Mary Jane FISKE
Henry Tisdale 1839-1909 Cumberland, RI Margaret Ellen SMITH
Henry T. 6 Sep 1842-1898 Gibson, Susquehanna, PA Adaline WILLIAMS/*Erastus Nelson 8 (Phineas 7-6, Ebenezer 5-4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Hiram O. 1845-1863 Askworth, NH *Warren THAYER
Hiram Stetson. 7 Jun 1841-17 Jun 1916 Fairfield County, CT. Braintree, Norfolk, MA Elizabeth Matthews/*Joseph Thayer and Eveline Stetson. Enlisted in Company G., Massachusetts Volunteers, 13th Infantry Regiment on 16 Jul 1861. Mustered out on 1 Aug 1864 at Boston, MA. Enlisted in Company F, Massachusetts 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment on 5 Sep 1864. Mustered out on 12 Jun 1865
Homer L. 1837- of Ontario, NY Julia P. GREEN
Horace 1821-1861 Leicester, MA *Ebenezer Town THAYER
Horace Peck 1843-1861 of Lee, NY *Nathan Wood THAYER
Hosea L. 1842-1905 Plainfield, MA Margaretta S. JOHNSON
Howard Augustus 1841-   Sarah E. CRAIG
Ignatius E. 1840-1918   Sarah H. P. SHUTES
Isaac Elijah 1842-1912 of Lima, OH Martha Ann HANTHORN
Isaac J. 1834- Randolph, MA Harriet A. INGALL
Isaiah Jackson 1833-1863 of Mt. Vernon, OH Hannah CROWELL
Jacob 1829-   Julia F. WIMPLE
James 1836-1866 of Attsburg, PA *Caleb THAYER
James Auson 1844-1935 Lebanon, IN Jennie DRISKILL
James Edward 1826-1862 Sharon, VT Lemira H. SANDERS
James Ellis 1838- of Phoenix, Oswego Co. NY *Dr. James Ellis THAYER
James Francis 1821-1864   Lydia A. THAYER
James H. 1843-1864 of Chester, ME *George Washington THAYER
James Harvey 1833-1864 Marlboro, MA *Ezra THAYER
James Luther W. 1836-1925   Ruth OLNEY
James M. 1843- Braintree, MA Josephine D. BELCHER
James M. 1840-1865 Warren, VT *Pliny THAYER
James M. 2 Aug 1842-27 Nov 1894 Ohio Elizabeth HARR/*James M.
James Madison 1843-1897   Temperance Jane WATSON/*Albert Gallatin Thayer
James R. 1846- of Butternuts, NY Alice (_____)
James S. 1830- of So. Kent, CT Melvina STOREY
James W. 1838-1887 Smithfield, RI *Smith THAYER
James Wales 1840-1896 Braintree, MA Josephine PARKER
Jasper 20 Aug 1823-4 Sep 1894 Girard, Erie, PA Amanda BRICKELL/*James M.
Jeffery A. 1842-1930 Redfield, NY Elizabeth FLINT
Jerome Bonaparte 1827- Evans Mills, NY Mary DEXTER
Jesse 1836-1898 Erie, PA Ellen Marie WHEELER
Mary Elizabeth SHAFFER
Jesse Burnham 11 Oct 1845-7 Sep 1910 Janesville, Rock, WI Augusta M. Leonard/*Lindley M. Thayer and Elizabeth Harvey Burnham
Joel Gilbert 1843-1926 Harrison, IN Margaret Elvira MATHEWS
Virigina VERDEN
John 1840-1889   UNKNOWN
John 1846-1863 of Huron, OH * John THAYER
John 1843- of IN *David Payside THAYER
John A. 1847-   *Barnabas Blanchard THAYER
John D. 1846-1865   *Stephen V. THAYER
John Bridges 1838- of Louisville, KY *John Holbrook THAYER
John David 1837-   Sarah STOUGHTON
John Edgell 11 Jan 1833-8 Jul 1863 Woburn, Middlesex, MA Mary Cutler/*Joseph 7-6, Jedediah 5, Ebenezer 4-3, Thomas 2-1
John Edwin 1839-1863 Mendon, MA *Samuel THAYER
John F. 1826-1901 Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island Anna M. SPRAGUE, *Washington THAYER
John Francis 1833-1893   Martha S. CHAMBERLAIN
John Greenleaf 1814- Buckfield, ME Mary Houston BEARCE
John Milton 1820-1906 Bellingham, MA Mary Torrey ALLEN
John Perry 1846-   Louisa C. ROTH
John Quincy 1843-1915 New Milford, CT Angekine S. DEVERAUX
John R. 1842-   Ella F. (_____)
Jonas H. 1822-1863 Belchertown, MA Alice M. BARTLETT
Jonathan W. 1844-1913 Westborough, MA Eliza Jane TRACEY
Joseph A. 1834-1903   Louise SMITH
Joseph A. 1837- of Newark, NJ Margaret STOOPS
Joseph Adelbert 1841-1921 Conneaut, PA Ann Emma HALL
Joseph Ephraim 1840-1924   Catherine Elizabeth MULLEN
Joseph Henry Jackson 1844-1894   Mary Ann HOUGHTON
Joseph Parker 1829-1890   Martha Maria HOLLIS
Joseph Thaxter 1838-1904 Williamsburg, MA Sara B. BATES
Joseph W. 1839-1925   Elizabeth BOYD
Joseph W. 1844-1905 Chelsea, MA *Warren THAYER
Joseph Wales 1834-1897 Randolph, MA Almira HOLMES
Emma Olivia WARNER
Joshua S. 1824-1878 of Pittsburg, IN Adelia M. BARKER
Josiah 1841-1863 Amherst, MA *Samuel THAYER
Josiah C. 1833-1867 Randolph, MA Sarah J. HOMER
Josiah Quincy 1841-1920 Braintree, MA *Josiah Warren THAYER
Justin S. 09 May 1844- Winchester, Cheshire County, NH Jane Grace TAYLOR, *Ethan Cobb THAYER
Julius 1836-1898 Westerlo, NY *Amasa THAYER
Kendrick 1840-1863 Randolph County, NC Martha GRAVES, *Wyatt Nance THAYER
Leo 1844- of Flint, MI Cora Ann RICKERT
Mollie (_____)
Leonard 1819-1895 Braintree, MA Norah JONES
Leonard Alden 1834- Randolph, MA Mary Ellen FOSTER
Leonard Everett 1843-1933 Palmer, MA Susan E. MOFFIT
Leonides B. 1842-1862 Bartholomew County, IN *Ira Nelson THAYER
LeRoy 1844-   UNKNOWN
Levi Frank 1829-1884 Randolph, MA Abigail T. BURBANK
Lewis Beals 1819-1889 Randolph, MA Eleanor LUDDE
Lewis Francis 1944-1920 of De Kalb, NY *Isaac THAYER
Lewis M. 4 Jun 1840-8 Sep 1921 Highland County, OH Sarah E. BONWELL/*Caleb H. 7 (Timothy 6, Reuben 5, Joseph 4, Ephraim 3, Shadrach 2, Thomas 1)
Lewis P. 1843- of Clarkson, NY Emily (_____)
Linus Smith 1832-1901   Charlotte J. PERKINS
Lorenzo Johnson 1829-1863 Attleboro, MA Mary P. CLARK
Loring Winthrop 1839-1864 Braintree, MA *Ansel THAYER
Lucian Manlius 1843-1870 Braintree, MA Lydia Ann SIMONDS
Lucian Robert 1845- Webster, MA Arminda Minnie WINSLOW
Lucius 1831-1890 Braintree, MA Mary Ann CHADWICK
Melinda/Lorinda RAMSDELL
Lucius Fowler 1834-1919 Westfield, MA Martha Ann HARRISON
Lucius M. 1840-1918   Antionette Eliza HUNT
Lyman Curtis 1821-1865 MA Eliza W. ROBINSON
Martin G. 1840-   Ellen SHANAHY
Merrick Wilder 1832-1862 Heath, MA *Asahel THAYER
Merwin 1844- of Middletown, CT Ada Ann C. RICH
Elizabeth (_____)
Milo 1843- of Alabama, NY *Daniels THAYER
Minot 1833-1896 Randolph, MA Addie N. SHEDD
Minot Boyden 1839-1917 Milton, MA Ella Valentine WALES
Morgan J. (or I.) 1843- of Mt Morris, NY Erminia MOORE
Mortimer 1838- of Prattsburg, NY *John Fletcher THAYER
Morton 1838- of Prattsburg, NY *John Fletcher THAYER
Moses 1832-1900 Charlton, MA Abbie W. DOUGLAS
Moses Allen 1840-1875 Dickinson, NY Laura Eliza BARNHART
Napolean B. 1838-1864 Bartholomew County, IN *Ira Nelson THAYER
Nathan 1839- Warren, VT Susan Marie PIERCE
Nathan Sage 1841-1911   Martha McCURDY
Nathaniel Atkins 1827-1882 Randolph, MA Mary Ann WHITE
Nathaniel Daniels 1833-16 Nov 1875 (probably Truxton, Cortland County), NY Jane L. DARRIN/*Rufus 7 (Caleb 6, Jonathan 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Nelson A. 1839-1908 Pittsburg, NY Sarah Jane AMES
Nelson G. 1844-   Eliza A. MURTAGH
Nelson L. 1842- Randolph, MA Fannie R. FOGG
Nereus Mendenhall 1845-1934 El Dorado, NC Letha A. COGGIN
Mittle KIRK
Nicholas 1837-1914   Sarah Jane STEEL
Noah Webster 1833-1864 Weymouth, MA *Barnabas THAYER
Oliver 1815- Monroe County, NY Matilda DUKES
Orletus C. 1823- NY/MI Clarisa WADSWORTH
Ormenus H. 1827- NY/MI Phebe E. (_____)
Dorcus (_____)
Orrin 1836-1902   Susan HARRINGTON
Orrin G. 1838- Hampden, OH Elizabeth N. SPRING
Orrin Tracey 1826-1875 Stoughton, MA Sarah Packard 21 SEP 1852 in Stoughton MA/*Joel Thayer
Oscar Mortimer 1840-1918 Preble County, OH *George W. THAYER
Oscar Seaver 1843- Ogden, MI Harriet Braman FRENCH
Otis Elwood 1828-   Abby Elizabeth REMICK
Otis James 1840- of Millport, NY Margaret (_____)
Philander Webster 1835-1902 Randolph, MA Sarah E. HINKLEY
Philo 1844- of Otsego, NY Ella (_____)
Philo Elisha 1847-1908   Georgianna F. ARNOLD
Philo L. (or S.?) 17 Jul 1833-13 Oct 1887 PA *Elias 7 (Elias 6, Zebulon 5, Benjamin 4, Richard 3-2-1)
Pliny M. 1843-1914 Cumberland, RI Cassandra R. COLBY
Katherine L. COLBY
Porter Brown 1830-1886 Spring Lake, MI Sarah Abigail RANDALL
Ransom O. 1839-1915 of Cayuga County, NY Ellen M. FULLER
Reuben W. 18 May 1835-18 Nov 1905 (of) Broadalbin, Fulton, NY Ellen C. MARKHAM/*William 8 (Daniel 7, Reuben 6, Isaac 5-4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Richard R. 1842-1915 Detroit, MI *Stephen Butler THAYER
Riley 1836-1920 of Alabama, NY Nancy MOORE
Robert Benjamin 1829-1894   Sarah Catherine GARRISON
Robert Brodie 1823-1864   Elizabeth Mary STEVENS
Robert Cushing 1833-1920   Deborah L. WHITMAN
Roswell 1833-1836 of Pittsburg, NY Susan WATERS
Roswell E. 1823- of Middleburg, NY Armenia STARK
Royal Olmstead 1823- of Westfield, NY Margaret E. CARRIER
Royal Wales 1838-1901 Randolph, MA Emma Florence SPEAR
Rufus Briggs 1835- of Guilford, OH Mary HARRIS
Ruel 20 Aug 1820-2 Jan 1901 Salem, Washington, NY Surliana(_____)/*Ruel 6 (Oliver, 5 William 4-3, Shadrach 2, Thomas 1)
Russell W. 1823- RI Emaline Adelaide OAKLEY
Samuel -20 Sep 1863   *William Howe 7 (Samuel 6, Jaazaniah 5, Daniel 4, Nathaniel 3, Richard 2-1)
Samuel A. 1842-   Maria L. GRUHL
Samuel Joseph F. 1842-1893 Boston, MA Emeline W. GOODWIN
Samuel Montague 1831-1893 Hadley, MA Sarah Ellen THAYER
Sceva 1843-1880   *Sceva THAYER
Seth Darius 1835-   Catherine CROSBY
Seth G. 20 Feb 1836-24 Mar 1915   Delila TUBBS/*Elijah 7 (Elijah 6, Noah 5, Ebenezer 4, Isaac 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Sheldon 1838-1896   Alice BROWN
Silas Lysander 1829-1907   Jane GAY
Squire M. 1830-1905   Elvira E. HAMILTON
Stephen 1845-1864 Gray, ME *George Washington THAYER
Stephen Austin 18 Feb 1838-1923 Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts Abigail A. WEAVER/*Stephen Holbrook7 (Seth 6-5, Jonathan 4-3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1)
Stephan B. 1831-1904   Mary V. (_____)
Stephen Butler 11 Feb 1815-15 Sep 1874 Middlesex, Ontario, NY Elizabeth Stoner/*Lyman Elanson 7, Stephen 6-5, Samuel 4, Thomas 3, Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1. He joined Merrill’s Horse Battalion as surgeon and after the Civil War returned to practice in Battle Creek the rest of his life.
Stephen Drew 1840-1861 of Delphos, OH *David Daniels THAYER
Stephen Howard 1842-1932 New York City, NY Anna Fraser THURBER
Stephen Moore     *Thomas THAYER
Stephen P. 1817-6 March 1890 NY Harriet E. (_____)
Stillman 1827-1871 Weymouth, MA Harriet A. ABBOTT
Sylvanus Luke M. 1834-   Mary E. HINTON
Theodore Austin 1837-1898 Brookline, MA Elizabeth Wallace
Thomas Beamis 1830-1899 Randolph, MA Lucinda L. HARDEN
Thomas H. Barton 1836-1917 Randolph, MA Adelaide L. HOWLAND
Thomas Jefferson 1833-1908 Braintree, MA Bryantha Richards HAYDEN
Thomas Spooner 1833- Franconia, NH Cordelia Betsey BROWN
Tyler Daniels 1832- of Delphos, OH Adeline MORSE
Hattie (_____)
Virgil 1837- Detroit, MI *Stephen Butler THAYER
Volney 1847- of Clarkson, NY Pat Ann HOLLEY
Walter B. 1845- of Albany, NY Caroline S. (_____)
Walter Perry 1836- New York Margaret (_____), *James Ellis THAYER
Warren Potter 1842-1863 Manitowoc County, WI Rachel Jane ROUSE
Washington Bonaparte 1831-1869 Randolph, MA Catherine F. MURPHY
Watson 1843-1869   Filena Frances CAIN
Wheelock M. 1840-1863 of Newport, MI *Amherst Cheney THAYER
Willard E. 1816-1900 of Westfield, NY Maryette EDDY
Willard M. 1830-1864 Warren, VT Esther R. MILLER
Willard M. 1827-1909 Lebanon, NY Rebecca ZIMMERMAN
Willet L. 1844- of Vermon, NY Mary C. (_____)
William 1839-1913 of Monroe, MI Dramintha Mary CUSHMAN
William 1845- NY/MI Betsey R. (_____)
William Allen 1837-1906 Vermont Lucy M. DYKE
William Capron 1844- Groton, MA Clara A. (_____)
William Chaffee 1831- of Sangerfield, NY Susan OSBORNE
William D. 1839- of Westfield, NY Emma “Emily” ABBOTT
William E. 1844-   Helen (_____)
William F. 1835-1890 Highland County, OH Rachel BAKER
William F. 1841-1903   Lorinda E. GREENFIELD
William Fairchild 1842-1864 Randolph, MA *William Hayden THAYER
William Franklin 1814-1916 Braintree, MA Esther Maria PENNIMAN
William Franklin 1847-1923 Weymouth, MA Georgianna Williams GARDNER
William Gardner 1830-1880 Milton, MA Emily Phebe DAVIS
William H. 1842-1866   *Nathan THAYER
William Henry 1840-1926   Letitia A. MORGAN
William Henry 1840-1861 Rutland, VT *Joseph Harding THAYER
William Henry 1848-1916 OH Lucy S. KNICKERBOCKER
William I. 1830-1874 of Broadalbin, NY Elizabeth BOTTSFORD
William James 1839- Seneca Falls, NY Josephine A. SISSON
Mary B. (_____)
William L. 1838-1907 E. Bridgewater, MA Mary Caroline GLASS
William Levi 1842- of De Kalb, NY *Isaac THAYER
William M. 1831- of Lee, NY Harriet M. VAN DYKE
William Oliver 1834-1909 of Millport, NY Theresa HULTZ
William Otis 1836-1902 Sterling, CT Rebecca Allen ARTHUR
William Sceva 1844-1920 Petersburg, VA Julia A. QUAKENBOS
William Utley 1841-1919 Plymouth, MI Fannie E. RICE
Eliza BURY
William W. 1836-1865 of Bingham, MI Delia Augusta HATHAWAY
William Wallace 1844-1886   Sarah Ann “Sadie” BROWN
William Wert 1835- of Middlesex, NY Ellen SHERMAN
William Wesley 1840- NY, probably of Livingston County Magdalena HETTINGER, *George Frank THAYER
William Wilde 29 Sep 1829-9 Oct 1896 Cambridgeport, Middlesex, MA Harriet Amanda SANDERSON & Maria Howland CONWELL/*Richard 7 (Richard 6-5, Eleazer 4, Cornelius 3, Richard 2-1)
Ziba Cook 1837-   Zilpha Annie WHITMAN
Others, surname listed Born-Died Birthplace Wife/*Father
Stager, William 1830-1912   Mercy Esther THAYER