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War of 1812 Veterans


The following is a list of 22 known Thayer veterans of the War of 1812.

If you have any questions concerning these individuals, or would like to add names to the list, or have information on the unplaced Thayer, please contact Patricia Thayer Muno at TriciaMuno@aol.com

Thayer Born-Died Birthplace Wife/*Father
Abel 1789-1866 MA Lydia CLEVELAND
Abiather 1768- MA Elizabeth LINCOLN
Clark 1792- MA *William THAYER
Daniel (also Rev. Sol.) 1756-1835 MA Beulah CORBITT
David 1775-1853 MA Lucy SLAYTON
Ebenezer 1794-1876 MA Nancy APENDERGRASS
Rebecca Lovell THAYER
Susanna HOWARD
Elijah 1793- NH Polly CHERRYTREE
Enoch 1780-1812 MA *Enoch THAYER (also Rev. Sol.)
Ezra 1792- CT Armourillious DUNNING
Gideon (also Rev. Sol.) 1743-1836 RI Maribah WILCOX
Israel 1788-1857 MA Sally LINSEY
Israel 1773- MA Irene COWLES
Jared 1776-1855 MA Mary RAWSON
Josiah 1771-1856 MA Sarah MILTON
Nathaniel (Dr.) 1781-1814 MA Betsey FRENCH
Oliver 1784- MA Ruth BACON
Peter 1780- ME Lucinda YOUNG
Sylvanus (Gen.) 1785-1872 MA *Nathaniel THAYER (also Rev. Sol.)
Sylvester 1790- MA Betsey RICHMOND
William 1785-1844 MA Eunice FARNHAM
William 1794- MA Abigail STONE
Zenas 1784-1848 MA Esther HOLBROOK

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