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Richard Thayer, First 5

The following revised listing contains the first five generationsof the descendants of the Immigrant Richard Thayer.  The number preceding the name is the generation of descent; in parenthesis following the name is the individual’s year of birth (b.) or christening (c.), marriage (m.) and death (d.).  Please note that these dates may be approximated.  An individual’s spouse or spouses is indicated by sp.


At present (August 2009), my files comprising the descendants of the Immigrant Richard Thayer number 10428.  If you count the spouses too, there are 16969 descendants.  The reader should be mindful that some of these descendants, through intermarriages, are also the descendants of Richard’s brother, Thomas, and his nephew, Nathaniel.



1. Richard THAYER (Immigrant to America 1641) (c.1601;d.1664)

sp: Dorothy MORTIMER (b.1603;m.1624;d.1641)

2. Richard THAYER (c.1624;d.1695)

sp: Dorothy PRAY (b.1634;m.1651;d.1705)

3. Dorothy THAYER (b.1653;d.1693)

sp: John YARDLEY (b.1650)

3. Richard THAYER (b.1655;d.1705)

sp: Rebecca MYCALL (b.1659;m.1679;d.1732)

4. Rebecca THAYER (b.1680)

sp: Thomas BOLTER (b.1678;m.1701)

4. Benjamin THAYER (b.1683;d.1712)

                                    sp: Margaret CURTIS (b.1685;m.1704;d.1753)

5. Margaret THAYER (b.1705;d.1785)

                                                sp: Amos STETSON (b.1703;m.1728;d.1777)

5. Benjamin THAYER (b.1707;d.1794)

                                                sp: Hannah VINTON (b.1709;m.1728)

5. Zebulon THAYER (b.1711;d.1767)

                                                sp: Mary HAYWARD (b.1708;m.1729;d.1746)

                                                sp: Sarah STEVENS (b.1712;m.1747;d.1796)

4. Richard THAYER (Lieutenant) (b.1685;d.1774)

                                    sp: Mary WHITE (b.1690;m.1711;b.1727)

5. Isaiah THAYER (b.1711;d.1785)

                                                sp: Sarah WHITE (b.1720;m.1741;d.1785)

5. Mary THAYER (b.1713;d.1803)

                                                sp: John LUDDEN (b.1705;m.1733;d.1789)

5. James THAYER (b.1715;d.1776)

                                                sp: Esther WALES (b.1717;m.1739;d.1779)

5. Gideon THAYER (b.1718;d.1800)

                                                sp: Rachel THAYER (b.1723;m.1741)

5. Obediah THAYER (b.1720;d.1721)

5. Anna THAYER (b.1722)

                                                sp: John WILD (b.1720;m.1746)

                                                sp: Elisha NILES (b.1719;m.1752;d.1774)

5. Obediah THAYER (b.1724;d.1791)

                                                sp: Joanna THAYER (twin (b.1728;m.1751;d.1785)

sp: Sarah FORD (b.1691;m.1730;d.1743)

5. Richard THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1731;d.1823)

                                                sp: Esther FRENCH (b.1735;m.1755;d.1793)

5. Sarah THAYER (c.1733;d.1790)

5. Ruth THAYER (b.1734;d.1773)

                                                sp: Silas WILD (b.1736;m.1756;d.1807)

5. Jerusha THAYER (b.1736;d.1809)

                                                sp: Randall WILD (b.1732;m.1755)

                                    sp: Lydia NEALE (b.1697;d.1771)

4. John THAYER (b.1687;d.1768)

                                    sp: Rebecca FRENCH (b.1694;m.1715;d.1762)

5. John THAYER (b.1716;d.1716)

5. John THAYER (b.1717;d.1745)

                                                sp: Abigail THAYER (b.1723;m.1745;d.1766)

5. Benjamin THAYER (b.1719;d.1807)

                                                sp: Ruth CAPEN (b.1724;m.1741;d.1790)

                                                sp: Elizabeth CRANE (b.1757;m.1779;d.1792)

                                                sp: Bethiah THAYER (b.1734;m.1794;d.1816)

5. Obediah THAYER (b.1721)

                                                sp: Dorothy HOLLIS (b.1725;m.1745;d.1752)

                                                sp: Hannah BEAL (b.1730;m.1752;d.1800)

5. Micah THAYER (b.1723;d.1802)

                                                sp: Mehitable FRENCH (b.1727;m.1748;d.1773)

                                                sp: Beulah WILD (b.1734;m.1776)

                                                sp: Abigail BASS (b.1727;m.1779;d.1804)

5. Richard THAYER (b.1725;d.1726)

5. Richard THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1726;d.1800)

                                                sp: Susanna WILD (b.1733;m.1752;d.1800)

5. Abiah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1729;d.1789)

                                                sp: Elizabeth HUNT (b.1730;m.1751;d.1801)

5. Simeon THAYER (b.1732;d.1793)

sp: Martha BLANCHARD (b.1735;m.1755;d.1818)

5. Elijah THAYER (b.1736;d.1822)

                                                sp: Hannah HAYDEN (b.1740;m.1765)

                                                sp: Eleanor THAYER (b.1742;m.1790;d.1800)

                                                sp: Elizabeth CLARK (b.1765;m.1803;d.1825)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1689;d.1693)

4. James THAYER (b.1691;d.1705)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1693)

                                    sp: William COPELAND (b.1695;m.1718)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1695)

                                    sp: Josiah FAXON (b.1690;m.1718;d.1775)

4. Anna THAYER (c.1697)

                                    sp: Dependence FRENCH (b.1695;m.1718)

4. Gideon THAYER (b.1700;d.1709)

4. Obediah THAYER (b.1703;d.1721)

3. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1657;d.1728)

                        sp: Hannah HAYDEN (b.1660;m.1679;b.1743)

4. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1680;d.1752)

                                    sp: Sarah WALES (b.1680;m.1703;d.1707)

5. Sarah THAYER (b.1705)

                                                sp: William LINFIELD (b.1703;m.1743)

5. Joanna THAYER (b.1706;d.1766)

                                                sp: William CHENEY (b.1703;m.1726;d.1756)

                                                sp: Nathan PENNIMAN (b.1704;m.1760)

                                     sp: Relief HYDE (b.1682;m.1709;b.1740)

5. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1709;d.1768)

                                                sp: Mary FAXON (b.1712;m.1735;d.1782)

5. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1711;d.1795)

                                                sp: Theophilus CURTIS (Captain) (b.1710;m.1734;d.1790)

5. Josiah THAYER (b.1713;d.1784)

                                                sp: Mary VEAZIE (b.1720;m.1743;d.1760)

                                                sp: Rebecca HUNT (b.1735;m.1762)

5. Caleb THAYER (b.1716;d.1759)

                                                sp: Abigail FAXON (b.1715;m.1746;d.1788)

5. Abraham THAYER (c.1718;d.1794)

                                                sp: Sarah HUNT (b.1725;m.1742)

                                                sp: Judith BAXTER (c.1736;m.1777;d.1819)

5. Hannah THAYER (b.1720;b.1749)

5. Relief THAYER (b.1723)

                                                sp: James FAXON (b.1721;m.1744)

5. Lydia THAYER (c.1726)

                                                sp: Sarah TOMPSON (b.1679;m.1741;d.1771)

4. Richard THAYER-761 (b.1682;d.1760)

                                    sp: Susannah WHITE (b.1689;m.1708;d.1759)

5. Susanna THAYER-2163 (b.1710)

                                                sp: Daniel FIELD (Doctor) (b.1712;m.1733;d.1756)

5. Jerusha THAYER (c.1712)

5. Jeremiah THAYER (b.1713;d.1729)

5. Enos THAYER (b.1716)

5. Anna THAYER (b.1718)

                                                sp: Benjamin EDSON (b.1716;m.1739)

5. Seth THAYER (b.1721;d.1798)

                                                sp: Hannah PRAY (b.1722;m.1744;d.1812)

5. Micah THAYER (b.1724)

5. Abijah THAYER (b.1726;d.1805)

                                                sp: Betty HOWARD (b.1744;m.1779;d.1828)

5. Jeremiah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1729;d.1799)

                                                sp: Tabitha LEAVITT (b.1734;m.1756;d.1798)

5. Thankful THAYER-2172 (b.1731)

                                                sp: Jacob DUNBAR-2175 (b.1729;m.1776)

4. Daniel THAYER (b.1684;d.1787)

                                    sp: Elizabeth TOMPSON (b.1702;m.1719)

5. Patience THAYER (b.1719;b.1720)

5. Daniel THAYER (b.1721)

                                                sp: Ruth CLARK (b.1721;m.1741)

5. Jacob THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1729;d.1807)

                                                sp: Abigail ________ (b.1732;m.1754)

                                                sp: Bathsheba BATES (b.1730;m.1759;d.1764)

                                                sp: Mary PRATT (b.1740;m.1766;d.1821)

5. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1732)

                                                sp: Bliss TOLMAN (b.1730;m.1768)

5. Jaazaniah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1733)

                                                sp: Kate CHILD (b.1740;m.1761)

5. Mary THAYER (b.1736)

                                                sp: James WHITNEY (b.1734;m.1763)

5. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1738)

5. Elijah THAYER (b.1741)

                                                sp: Mercy BURRILL (b.1745;m.1765)

5. Benjamin THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1744;b.1815)

                                                sp: Jane CLARK (b.1744;m.1769;d.1833)

4. Hannah Whitney THAYER (b.1685;d.1762)

                                    sp: Thomas VINTON (b.1686;m.1708;d.1757)

4. Zachariah THAYER (b.1686;b.1755)

                                    sp: Elizabeth CURTIS (b.1695;m.1718;d.1733)

5. Zachariah THAYER (b.1718;d.1812)

                                                sp: Lydia PRAY (b.1720;m.1738;d.1801)

5. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1721;d.1802)

                                                sp: James HOLLIS (b.1716;m.1742;d.1798)

5. Amy THAYER (b.1726)

                                                sp: Enoch HAYDEN (b.1734;m.1755;d.1813)

                                                sp: Abigail SEELEY (b.1703;m.1735;d.1790)

5. Ruhamah THAYER (b.1735;d.1817)

                                                sp: Josiah HAYDEN (b.1733;m.1756;d.1810)

5. Abigail THAYER (b.1739)

                                                sp: John CURTIS (b.1737;m.1761)

5. Abel THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1740;d.1814)

sp: Dorothy CURTIS (b.1741;m.1762;d.1827)

5. Joshua THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1742;d.1822)

                                                sp: Sarah HUNT (b.1748;m.1764;d.1786)

                                                sp: Anna PUTNAM (b.1757;m.1787;d.1796)

5. Silence THAYER (b.1745;d.1769)

                                                sp: Silas HUNT (b.1741;m.1763;d.1767)

5. Enoch THAYER (b.1747;d.1824)

5. Bethiah THAYER (b.1748;d.1826)

4. Ruth THAYER (b.1689;d.1752)

                                    sp: Joseph TOWER (b.1685;m.1709;d.1761)

4. Dorothy THAYER (b.1692)

                                    sp: Joseph LUDDEN (b.1690;m.1716)

4. Lydia THAYER (b.1694)

                                    sp: Nehemiah HAYDEN (b.1692;m.1720)

4. Hezekiah THAYER (b.1696;d.1774)

                                    sp: Christian ASPINWALL (b.1704;m.1729;d.1747)

5. Hezekiah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1730;d.1781)

                                                sp: Mary STETSON (b.1732;m.1752;d.1812)

5. Thankful THAYER (b.1732;d.1736)

5. Dorcas THAYER (b.1734;d.1816)

                                                sp: Benjamin AMES (b.1730;m.1759)

                                                sp: James AMES (b.1732;m.1774)

5. Thankful THAYER (b.1735;d.1813)

5. (child) THAYER (b.1736;b.1743)

5. Silas THAYER (Dr.) (b.1742;d.1797)

                                                sp: Anna HUNT (b.1742;m.1762;d.1778)

                                                sp: Esther ALLEN (b.1748;m.1779;d.1791)

                                                sp: Lovina HARRINGTON (b.1763;d.1843)

5. (child) THAYER (b.1743;b.1743)

5. Comfort THAYER (b.1744;d.1828)

                                                sp: Rufus STETSON (b.1735;m.1770)

5. Noah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1745;d.1809)

                                                sp: Mary LYON (b.1748;m.1769)

                                                sp: Eunice ALLEN (b.1750;m.1771)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1700)

                                    sp: Nathaniel LITTLEFIELD (b.1691;m.1731)

4. Esther THAYER (b.1702)

                                    sp: Josiah HOBART (b.1700;m.1736)

3. Abigail THAYER (b.1661;d.1727)

3. Joanna THAYER (b.1665)

3. Sarah THAYER (b.1667)

3. Cornelius THAYER (b.1670;d.1738)

                        sp: Abigail HAYDEN (b.1671;m.1692;d.1730)

4. Cornelius THAYER (b.1693;d.1765)

                                    sp: Rachel SPEAR (b.1686;m.1717;d.1755)

4. Ezekiel THAYER (b.1695;d.1761)

                                    sp: Mehitable WHITE (b.1701;m.1725)

5. Elijah THAYER (b.1726;d.1800)

                                                sp: Margaret TOWER (b.1721;m.1745;d.1800)

5. Moses THAYER (twin) (b.1728;d.1800)

5. Enoch THAYER (twin) (b.1728;d.1729)

5. Micah THAYER (b.1730)

5. Mehitable THAYER (b.1734)

                                                sp: Hezekiah LUDDEN- (b.1732;m.1752)

4. Richard THAYER (b.1697;d.1729)

4. Gideon THAYER (b.1700;d.1741)

                                    sp: Hannah HOLLIS (b.1705;m.1723;d.1776)

5. Abigail THAYER (b.1723;d.1766)

                                                sp: John THAYER (b.1717;m.1745;d.1745)

                                                sp: John CHESSMAN (b.1721;m.1755)

5. Mercy THAYER (b.1725)

                                                sp: Benjamin WHITE (b.1723;m.1747)

5. Hannah THAYER (b.1728)

                                                sp: Humphrey BURRELL (b.1723;m.1745;d.1745)

                                                sp: Caleb CHARD (b.1726;m.1758)

5. Eunice THAYER (b.1730;d.1732)

5. Gideon (“Long Gid”) THAYER (b.1732;d.1800)

                                                sp: Zipporah CURTIS (b.1737;m.1757;d.1770)

                                                sp: Susanna PENNIMAN (b.1744;m.1782;d.1806)

5. Eunice THAYER (b.1735)

                                                sp: Ezra PENNIMAN (b.1739;m.1760)

5. Job THAYER (b.1738;d.1754)

5. Elideah THAYER (b.1741;d.1742)

4. David THAYER (b.1702;d.1746)

sp: Dorothy BLANCHARD (b.1697;m.1724;d.1746)

5. Cornelius THAYER (c.1725;d.1745)

5. David THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (c.1727;d.1795)

                                                sp: Mary EAGER (b.1733;m.1750;d.1828)

5. Ruth THAYER (b.1728)

                                                sp: John WHITE (Captain) (b.1726;m.1748)

5. Abigail THAYER (b.1731)

                                                sp: Richard NEWCOMB (b.1729;m.1750)

5. Dorothy THAYER (b.1733;d.1798)

                                                sp: Samuel BLANCHARD (b.1731;m.1753;d.1812)

4. Moses THAYER (b.1704;b.1727)

                                    sp: Christian ASPINWALL (b.1704;m.1723;d.1747)

5. Christian THAYER (b.1724;d.1726)

5. Christian THAYER (b.1726)

                                                sp: Nehemiah HOLBROOK (b.1724;m.1744)

                                                sp: John FRENCH (b.1724;m.1753)

4. Jemima THAYER (b.1706)

                                    sp: Dearing SPEAR (b.1700;m.1726;d.1767)

4. Eliakim THAYER (b.1708;d.1762)

                                    sp: Deborah HERSEY (b.1708;m.1729;d.1789)

5. Huldah THAYER (b.1730)

                                                sp: John DAVIS (b.1725;m.1757;d.1808)

5. Eliakim THAYER (b.1731)

5. Jesse THAYER (b.1733)

                                                sp: Deborah NILES (b.1740;m.1763)

5. Deborah THAYER (b.1735)

                                                sp: Stephen TUTTLE (b.1733;m.1758)

5. Cornelius THAYER (b.1738;d.1770)

                                                sp: Ann WORCESTER (b.1739;m.1760;d.1825)

5. Gideon (“Short Gid”) THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1740;d.1798)

                                                sp: Betsey (or Betty) WILD (b.1746;m.1768;d.1826)

5. Solomon THAYER (b.1744;d.1801)

                                                sp: Susanna DYER (c.1752;m.1771)

                                                sp: Alethea HAYDEN (c.1751;m.1785)

5. Thankful THAYER (b.1746;d.1813)

5. Beulah THAYER (b.1748;d.1774)

                                                sp: Josiah MARSHALL (b.1746;m.1768)

5. Betty THAYER (b.1749)

5. Abigail THAYER (b.1751;d.1826)

                                                sp: Ephraim JONES (b.1751;m.1770;d.1779)

                                                sp: Samuel LULL (b.1749;m.1785)

                                                sp: William SPOONER (b.1749;m.1800)

4. Eleazer THAYER (b.1710;d.1782)

                                    sp: Rachel FRENCH (b.1704;m.1730;d.1782)

5. Richard THAYER (b.1731;d.1779)

                                                sp: Elizabeth FRENCH (b.1730;m.1751;d.1779)

5. (child) THAYER (b.1732;b.1732)

5. Silence THAYER (c.1735/1736)

5. Patience THAYER- (b.1735/1736)

5. Eleazer THAYER (b.1739;d.1757)

5. Comfort THAYER (c.1745;d.1811)

                                                sp: Joseph BLAKE (b.1743;m.1765)

5. (female child) THAYER (born1747;bur.1748)

4. Jeremiah THAYER (b.1711;d.1711)

4. Abigail THAYER (twin) (b.1711;d.1711)

4. Jeremiah THAYER (b.1716;d.1790)

                                    sp: Joanna RICHARDS (b.1718;m.1736;d.1813)

5. Susanna THAYER (b.1737)

                                                sp: Joseph LOVELL (b.1733;m.1759;d.1796)

5. Jeremiah THAYER (b.1739;d.1750)

5. Miriam THAYER (c.1742)

                                                sp: Samuel BLANCHARD (b.1740;m.1764)

                                                sp: Nehemiah HAYDEN (b.1740;m.1769)

5. Paul THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (c.1746;d.1811)

                                                sp: Prudence DYER (b.1747;m.1769)

                                                sp: Esther FRENCH (b.1756;m.1800;d.1841)

5. Joanna THAYER (c.1746)

                                                sp: Ephraim THOMPSON (b.1744;m.1769)

5. Sarah THAYER (c.1748)

                                                sp: Joseph NIGHTINGALE (b.1746;m.1768)

5. Jeremiah THAYER (c.1750;d.1754)

5. Oliver THAYER (b.1752)

                                                sp: Mary HAYWARD (b.1758;m.1780)

5. Jeremiah THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (c.1754;d.1818)

                                                sp: Elizabeth DYER (b.1759;m.1777;d.1846)

4. (female child) THAYER

4. (male child) THAYER

4. (male child) THAYER

4. (male child) THAYER

2. Elizabeth THAYER (c.1628)

2. Deborah THAYER (c.1629;b.1630)

2. Sarah THAYER (c.1631;d.1695)

            sp: Samuel DAVIS (b.1630;m.1651;d.1695)

2. Jael THAYER (c.1633;d.1701)

            sp: John HARBOUR (b.1634;m.1654;d.1675)

2. Deborah THAYER (c.1633;d.1662)

            sp: Thomas FAXON (b.1629;m.1653;d.1662)

2. Zachariah THAYER (c.1634;d.1693)

2. Hester THAYER (c.1636;d.1724)

            sp: Joseph GRAY (b.1630;m.1676)

2. Nathaniel THAYER (c.1639;d.1693)

            sp: Deborah TOWNSEND (c.1650;m.1669;d.1700)

3. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1671;d.1710)

3. Deborah THAYER (b.1678)

3. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1681)

3. Zachariah THAYER (b.1683;d.1735)

                        sp: Mary WILSON (b.1683;m.1704)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1706)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1707;d.1735)

4. Zachariah THAYER (b.1711;d.1735)

                                    sp: Catherine THATCHER (b.1685;m.1733)

3. Cornelius THAYER (b.1684;d.1745)

                        sp: Lydia TURELL (b.1686;m.1707)

4. Lydia THAYER (b.1707)

                                    sp: Josiah CARTER (b.1705;m.1741)

4. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1710;d.1786)

                                    sp: Ruth ELIOT (b.1711;m.1733;d.1746)

5. Ebenezer THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1734;d.1792)

                                                sp: Martha COTTON (b.1739;m.1766;d.1809)

5. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1736;d.1738)

5. Katherine THAYER (b.1737)

                                                sp: Benjamin GRAY (b.1735;m.1760;d.1811)

5. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1738)

5. Lydia THAYER (b.1740)

5. Deborah THAYER (b.1742)

                                                sp: Joseph Stacy HASTINGS (b.1744;m.1767;d.1807)

                                                sp: Mary LEWIS (b.1703;d.1782)

4. Samuel THAYER (b.1712)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1714)

                                    sp: Miles WHITWORTH (b.1712;m.1744)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1716)

                                    sp: Richard ABBOTT (b.1714;m.1739)

4. Cornelius THAYER (b.1719;d.1790)

                                    sp: Sarah PLAISTED (b.1726;m.1751;d.1775)

5. Cornelius THAYER (b.1752)

5. Ebenezer THAYER (b.1754;d.1756)

5. Ebenezer Turell THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1756;d.1781)

5. John THAYER (Rev (b.1758;d.1815)

5. Nathaniel THAYER (Doctor) (b.1759;d.1824)

                                                sp: Nancy (or Ann) FOWLER (b.1761;m.1791;d.1847)

5. William THAYER (b.1762;d.1762)

5. Samuel THAYER (Revolutionary Soldier) (b.1764)

                                                sp: Rachel CARY (b.1769;m.1789)

5. William THAYER- (b.1767)

                                                sp: Surviah (Sophia) TORREY (b.1728;m.1779;d.1795)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1721;d.1801)

4. Turell THAYER (b.1725;d.1771)

4. Sarah THAYER (b.1732;d.1811)

                                    sp: John WHITE (b.1730)

3. John THAYER (b.1687)

3. Ebenezer THAYER (Reverend) (b.1689;d.1732)

                        sp: Sarah TOWNSEND (b.1692;m.1713;d.1733)

3. Deborah THAYER (b.1691)

                        sp: Jonathan SHARP (b.1689;m.1713)

2. Cornelius THAYER (c.1640;d.1663)

sp: Jane KEMBER (b.1605;m.1646;d.1660)

sp: Catherine ________ (m.1660;d.1687)