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Thomas Thayer, First 4 Generations


 This is the first in a series of pages that shows the first four generations from the Immigrants and the number of descendents for each line, most of which only the males are listed. This page is of the lines descending from the Immigrant, Thomas Thayer.

The following revised listing contains the first four generations of the descendants of the Immigrant Thomas Thayer. The number preceding the name is the generation of descent; in parenthesis following the name is the individual’s year of birth (b.) or christening (c.), marriage (m.) and death (d.). Please note that these dates may be approximated. An individual’s spouse or spouses is indicated by sp.

At present (August 2009), my files comprising the 16 generations of descendants of the Immigrant Thomas Thayer number 20121.  If you count the spouses too, there are 32800 descendants. The reader should be mindful that some of these descendants, through intermarriages, are also the descendants of Thomas’ brother, Richard, and his nephew, Nathaniel.

1. Thomas THAYER (Immig to America1637) (c.1596;d.1665)

sp: Margery WHEELER (b.1600;m.1618;d.1672)

2. Ursula THAYER (c.1619;d.1619)

2. Welfrey THAYER (c.1621;d.1621)

2. Thomas THAYER (c.1622;d.1692)

sp: Hannah (or Anna)(b.1625;m.1643;d.1697)

3. Sarah THAYER (b.1644)

sp: Jonathan HAYWARD (b.1640;m.1663;d.1689)

3. Hannah THAYER (b.1645)

sp: Samuel HAYDEN (b.1639;m.1664;d.1676)

sp: Jonathan PADDLEFORD (b.1656;m.1676;d.1710)

3. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1647)

3. Thomas THAYER (b.1651;d.1705)

sp: Abigail VEAZIE (b.1661;m.1680;d.1727)

4. Thomas THAYER (b.1680;d.1704)

4. William THAYER (b.1682;d.1704)

4. Abigail THAYER (b.1685;d.1758)

sp: James PENNIMAN (b.1683;m.1705;d.1724)

sp: Thomas WHITE (b.1683;m.1725)

3. Isaac THAYER (b.1654;d.1658)

3. John THAYER (b.1656;b.1746)

sp: Mary NEALE (b.1664;m.1683;b.1724)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1684;b.1749)

4. John THAYER (b.1686;d.1768)

sp: Mary WALES (b.1691;m.1714;d.1718)

sp: Lydia COPELAND (b.1692;m.1719;b.1750)

sp: Elizabeth FAXON (b.1702;m.1750;d.1789)

4. Henry THAYER (b.1688;d.1688)

3. Experience THAYER (b.1658;d.1719)

sp: John FRENCH (b.1656;m.1684)

3. Isaac THAYER (b.1661;d.1690)

3. Ebenezer THAYER (b.1665;d.1720)

sp: Ruth NEALE (b.1670;m.1688;d.1740)

4. Ruth THAYER (b.1690;d.1704)

4. Ebenezer THAYER (Capt.) (b.1692;d.1777)

sp: Rachel WALES (b.1701;m.1719;d.1748)

sp: Sarah MILLS (b.1698;m.1763;d.1800)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1693)

sp: Sampson HATTEN (b.1691;m.1723)

sp: Daniel FRASIER (b.1690;m.1733;d.1751)

4. Thomas THAYER (b.1697;d.1697)

4. Rachel THAYER (b.1698;d.1742)

sp: Daniel MEKUSETT (b.1690;m.1716;d.1717)

sp: Ephraim ARNOLD (b.1696;m.1720)

4. Eleazer THAYER (b.1700;d.1701)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1702;b.1760)

4. Eleazer THAYER (b.1704;d.1704)

4. Ruth THAYER (c.1705;d.1707)

4. Ruth THAYER (b.1707;d.1776)

sp: William PENNIMAN (b.1705;m.1729)

4. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1709)

sp: John HOBART (b.1707;m.1726)

3. Deborah THAYER (b.1667;d.1677)

2. Ferdinando THAYER (c.1625;d.1712)

sp: Huldah HAYWARD (b.1636;m.1652;d.1690)

3. Sarah THAYER (b.1654;d.1690)

sp: Joseph STEVENS (b.1650;m.1671;d.1677)

3. Huldah THAYER (b.1657;d.1731)

sp: Jacob ALDRICH (b.1652;m.1675;d.1695)

3. Jonathan THAYER (b.1658;d.1690)

sp: Elizabeth FRENCH (b.1655;m.1680;d.1714)

4. Huldah THAYER (b.1682)

sp: Benjamin WHEELOCK (b.1678;m.1700;d.1746)

4. Grace THAYER (b.1684;d.1703)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1687)

sp: John ALBEE (b.1678;m.1705)

4. Jonathan THAYER (b.1690;d.1753)

sp: Sarah ALLEN (b.1692;m.1710;d.1712)

sp: Bethiah CHAPIN (b.1693;m.1714;d.1763)

sp: Sarah DARLING (b.1660)

4. Hezekiah THAYER (Illegit.) (b.1687;d.1688)

3. David THAYER (b.1660;d.1674)

3. Naomi THAYER (b.1662;d.1718)

sp: John COOK (b.1654;m.1684;d.1718)

4. Jonathan COOK (b.1686)

sp: Mehitable STAPLES (b.1692;m.1716;d.1753)

3. Thomas THAYER (b.1664;d.1738)

sp: Mary POOLE (b.1668;m.1687;d.1745)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1688;d.1720)

sp: James ALBEE (b.1681;m.1708)

4. Thomas THAYER (b.1693;d.1761)

sp: Ruth DARLING (b.1695;m.1715;d.1728)

sp: Hannah POOLE (b.1694;m.1729)

4. Samuel THAYER (b.1696;d.1764)

sp: Mary SAMPSON (b.1696;m.1716;d.1764)

4. Temperance THAYER (b.1698;d.1760)

sp: John LEGG (b.1682;m.1719;d.1760)

4. David THAYER (b.1700;d.1750)

sp: Hannah PARKS (b.1704;m.1725;d.1756)

4. Elizabeth THAYER (b.1702;d.1745)

sp: William WHITE (b.1700;m.1721)

4. John THAYER (b.1705;d.1779)

sp: Ruhamah SMITH (b.1705;m.1733)

sp: Mary SPENCER (b.1734;m.1769;d.1816)

4. William THAYER (b.1707;d.1793)

sp: Abigail SUMNER (b.1711;m.1729)

sp: Alice MOWRY (b.1712;m.1774;d.1786)

4. Margaret THAYER (b.1710;d.1791)

sp: Robert SMITH (Capt.) (b.1704;d.1787)

4. Jemima THAYER (b.1712)

sp: Joseph BAXTER (b.1710;m.1734)

3. Samuel THAYER (b.1666;d.1721)

sp: Mary BUTTERWORTH (b.1670;m.1690;d.1727)

4. Samuel THAYER (b.1691;d.1761)

sp: Rachel ALDRICH (b.1694;m.1716;d.1766)

4. Sarah THAYER (b.1694)

sp: David HILL (b.1694;m.1716;d.1745)

4. Huldah THAYER (b.1697;d.1720)

sp: William WHITE (b.1700;m.1719)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1700)

sp: Benjamin WHITE (b.1701;m.1720;d.1734)

4. Oliver THAYER (b.1704)

4. Joseph THAYER (b.1707;d.1734)

sp: Hannah HAYWARD (b.1707;m.1727;d.1772)

4. Benjamin THAYER (b.1709;d.1761)

sp: Mercy WILKINSON (b.1705;m.1727;d.1796)

3. Josiah THAYER (b.1669;d.1728)

sp: Sarah BASS (b.1670;m.1690)

4. Sarah THAYER (b.1691;b.1739)

sp: Benoni BENSON (b.1689;m.1711;d.1761)

4. Josiah THAYER (b.1694;d.1736)

sp: Elizabeth INGALLS (b.1700;m.1717)

4. Susanna THAYER (b.1696;d.1735)

sp: Nathaniel FAIRBANKS (b.1694)

4. Miriam THAYER (b.1699;d.1750)

sp: Isaac THAYER (b.1695;m.1716;d.1763)

4. Jonathan THAYER (Dr.) (b.1701;d.1747)

sp: Elizabeth SAMPSON (b.1701;m.1722;d.1762)

4. Rebecca THAYER (b.1704)

sp: Charles SHERLOCK (b.1702;m.1719)

4. Bathsheba THAYER (b.1706)

sp: James LINSEY (b.1704)

4. David THAYER (b.1710;d.1780)

sp: Jane KEITH (b.1709;m.1729;d.1783)

sp: Margaret FAIRBANKS (b.1670;m.1719;d.1740)

3. Isaac THAYER (b.1672;d.1754)

sp: Mercy ROCKWOOD (b.1672;m.1692;d.1700)

4. Mercy THAYER (b.1693)

sp: David THOMPSON (b.1687;m.1710)

4. Isaac THAYER (b.1695;d.1763)

sp: Miriam THAYER (b.1699;m.1716;d.1750)

sp: Mary METCALF (b.1725;m.1750;d.1760)

sp: Margaret SNOW (b.1700;m.1760)

4. Ebenezer THAYER (b.1696;d.1772)

sp: Sarah(b.1701;m.1722;d.1772)

4. Comfort THAYER (b.1699)

sp: James KEITH (b.1696;m.1722;d.1770)

sp: Mary(b.1680;m.1704)

4. Mary THAYER (b.1704;d.1787)

sp: Gershom KEITH (b.1700;d.1770)

4. John THAYER (b.1706;d.1787)

sp: Abigail DARLING (b.1706;m.1727;d.1745)

sp: Ruth TURNER (b.1706;m.1749;d.1760)

sp: Mercy DANIELS (b.1721;m.1767;d.1783)

4. Nathaniel THAYER (b.1708;d.1787)

sp: Anna PARTRIDGE (b.1709;m.1730;d.1749)

sp: Hannah DAVIS (b.1711;m.1752;d.1783)

4. Moses THAYER (b.1710;d.1769)

sp: Hannah HAYWARD (b.1707;m.1735;d.1772)

4. Samuel THAYER (b.1713)

sp: Keziah PARTRIDGE (b.1720;m.1739;d.1758)

sp: Sarah MERRICK (b.1725;m.1759)

4. Joseph THAYER (Rev.Sol.) (b.1715;d.1787)

sp: Sarah BALCOMB (b.1720;m.1740;d.1762)

sp: Susanna SMITH (b.1740;m.1765;d.1816)

4. Jerusha THAYER (b.1717)

sp: Benjamin CORARY (b.1715;m.1741)

4. Patience THAYER (b.1719;d.1771)

sp: Benjamin CHILDS (b.1713;m.1740)

sp: Ebenezer DAVISON (b.1717;m.1768)

4. Ichabod THAYER (b.1721;d.1796)

sp: Hannah BIGELOW (b.1703;m.1742;d.1791)

sp: Dorcas BURNAP (b.1740;m.1794;d.1804)

sp: Hannah WINTER (b.1675)

3. Ebenezer THAYER (b.1674;d.1723)

sp: Martha THOMPSON (b.1675;m.1695;d.1759)

4. Deborah THAYER (b.1696)

sp: John ROCKWOOD (b.1694;m.1716)

4. Ebenezer THAYER (Capt.) (b.1699;d.1771)

sp: Mary WHEELOCK (b.1701;m.1721;d.1734)

sp: Hannah PECK (b.1700;m.1733)

sp: Hannah GREEN (b.1707;m.1734;d.1783)

4. Abigail THAYER (b.1701)

sp: John THOMPSON (b.1699;m.1719)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1704)

sp: Jonathan THOMPSON (b.1702;m.1726)

4. Uriah THAYER (Lt.) (b.1706;d.1795)

sp: Rachel TAFT (b.1704;m.1727;d.1743)

sp: Sarah HATHAWAY (b.1717;m.1752;d.1764)

sp: Abigail WHITE (b.1723;m.1768;d.1820)

4. Martha THAYER (b.1709)

sp: Peter THOMPSON (b.1707;m.1729;d.1755)

4. Daniel THAYER (b.1715;d.1756)

sp: Esther PARTRIDGE (b.1717;m.1734;d.1755)

3. David THAYER (c.1677;d.1678)

3. Benjamin THAYER (b.1680;d.1729)

sp: Sarah HAYWARD (b.1677;m.1698;d.1711)

4. Rachel THAYER (b.1699)

sp: Eleazer TAFT (b.1697;m.1730;d.1759)

4. Margaret THAYER (b.1701)

sp: Jonathan WOOD (b.1701;m.1720;d.1796)

4. Grace THAYER (b.1704)

sp: James WOOD (b.1696;m.1723;d.1777)

4. Sarah THAYER (b.1706)

sp: John HAYWARD (b.1704;m.1726)

4. Benjamin THAYER (b.1707;d.1707)

4. Lydia THAYER (b.1709)

sp: John GAGE (b.1707;m.1729)

4. Anna THAYER (b.1711;d.1738)

sp: Hannah HAYWARD (b.1689;m.1712)

4. Benjamin THAYER (b.1713;d.1738)

sp: Silence SUMNER (b.1714;m.1734;d.1749)

4. Aaron THAYER (b.1715;d.1785)

sp: Jemima COOK (b.1716;m.1738;d.1815)

sp: Ann FREEBURY (b.1648;m.1696)

2. Ursula THAYER (c.1626;b.1627)

2. (child) THAYER (b.1627;b.1627)

2. Shadrach THAYER (c.1629;d.1678)

sp: Mary BARRETT (b.1634;m.1654;d.1657)

3. Rachel THAYER (b.1655;d.1656)

3. Tryall THAYER (b.1656)

sp: John BURGE (b.1655;m.1677;d.1743)

sp: Deliverance PRIEST (b.1645;m.1661;d.1723)

3. Freelove THAYER (b.1662;d.1662)

3. Mary THAYER (b.1663;d.1713)

sp: Samuel BAYLEY (b.1658;m.1686;d.1735)

3. Timothy THAYER (b.1666)

3. Samuel THAYER (b.1667;d.1706)

sp: Susanna SCANT (b.1665;m.1693;d.1739)

4. Samuel THAYER (b.1694;d.1768)

sp: Jane MORTIMORE (b.1700;m.1722;b.1748)

sp: Mary WELLS (b.1704;m.1749;d.1772)

4. Susanna THAYER (b.1697)

4. Lydia THAYER (b.1699)

4. Timothy THAYER (b.1701;d.1752)

sp: Experience HOLBROOK (b.1704;m.1725;d.1776)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1704)

sp: Increase NILES (b.1702;m.1730)

sp: Aaron NUFFRENOUF (b.1702;m.1760)

3. Ephraim THAYER (b.1669;d.1757)

sp: Sarah BASS (b.1672;m.1691;d.1751)

4. Sarah THAYER (b.1691;d.1753)

sp: Seth DORMAN (b.1682;m.1715)

4. Ephraim THAYER (b.1694;d.1780)

sp: Mary COPELAND (b.1692;m.1718;d.1779)

4. Philip THAYER (b.1696;d.1758)

sp: Mary WILSON (b.1697;m.1718;d.1770)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1698)

sp: Nathaniel BLANCHARD (b.1696;m.1724)

sp: William NOYES (b.1688;m.1765;d.1774)

4. Joseph THAYER (b.1699;d.1778)

sp: Sarah FAXON (b.1706;m.1725;d.1736)

sp: Eunice LUDDEN (b.1709;m.1738)

4. Shadrach THAYER (b.1701;d.1783)

sp: Rachel WHITE (b.1703;m.1723;d.1805)

4. Christopher THAYER (b.1703;d.1787)

sp: Mary MORSE (b.1716;m.1735;d.1761)

4. Ruth THAYER (b.1704;d.1749)

sp: John CAPEN (b.1701;m.1722;d.1748)

4. Esther THAYER (b.1705;d.1800)

sp: Moses FRENCH (b.1700;m.1730;d.1768)

4. Napthali THAYER (b.1706;d.1760)

sp: Bathsheba BASS (c.1712;m.1731;d.1768)

4. Peter THAYER (Capt.) (b.1708;d.1798)

sp: Anna PORTER (b.1715;m.1732)

4. Priscilla THAYER (b.1710;d.1795)

sp: Elijah HAYDEN (b.1708;m.1732)

sp: Joseph FORD (b.1700;m.1735;d.1735)

sp: William SPEAR (b.1708;m.1781;d.1782)

4. James THAYER (b.1712;d.1790)

sp: Deborah ARNOLD (b.1729;m.1748;d.1792)

4. Abigail THAYER (b.1713;d.1765)

sp: Benjamin RICHARDS (Dr.) (b.1714;m.1734;d.1755)

sp: Mary BATES (b.1685;m.1753)

3. Hannah THAYER (b.1672;d.1677)

3. William THAYER (b.1675;d.1727)

sp: Hannah NEWCOMB (c.1672;m.1699)

4. Bethiah THAYER (c.1700)

sp: Samuel WATERS (b.1698;m.1723)

4. Jonathan THAYER (c.1703;d.1802)

sp: Tabitha COOPER (b.1705;m.1727;d.1787)

sp: Phebe(b.1710)

4. William THAYER (b.1705)

sp: Sarah KEITH (b.1707;m.1735)

4. Oliver THAYER (b.1707)

sp: Mindwell BARTLETT (b.1715;m.1738)

4. Martha THAYER (b.1709)

4. Hannah THAYER (b.1711)

sp: Samuel FISHER (b.1709;m.1729)

2. Mary THAYER (b.1630)

2. (child) THAYER (b.1632;d.1632)


If you have any information concerning the above names, please email me, Patricia Thayer Muno, Thayer Families Association Historian/Genealogist.