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The lineage linked genealogical data of over 55,000 Thayers, their ancestors, spouses and descendants as found in the various vital and census records for all states in the Union are included in my computer files. The minimum charge for a search of these indexes is $39.00 pre-paid by check or money order (Available at a reduced price of only $29.00 for TFA members!). If I don’t have your ancestor–you don’t pay.

PLEASE NOTE: The descendants of the daughters of Thayers are not included in the database; only those who carry the Thayer surname and their spouses are a part of this service. Price includes a personalized pedigree of you (or your most recent Thayer ancestor) for as far back as the information is known. For most Thayer descendants, this extends the pedigree to John & Constance Tayer/Thayer in 16th century Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England. In some cases the ancestry of the female spouses are included as well, but the information on the wives lineage has been contributed by other descendants and may or may not be correct. I can only verify the information for those who carry the Thayer surname. Some Thayer families are still “unplaced” and their connection to the families of Thomas and Richard Thayer of Braintree and Mendon, or Nathaniel of Taunton, Massachusetts is currently unknown. For this service, please print out this Thayer Pedigree Order Form and fill in as much as possible about your Thayer ancestor.

mailbox Mail the form to the address listed below:

Patricia Thayer Muno
Thayer Family Historian
3618 North 225 East
North Ogden, UT 84414