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Exciting News to report! Volume VIII of the Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America is about to be completed and will be available in time for Christmas gifting!

At present, the informational text and accompanying photos comprise 740 pages. The total number of pages have yet to be determined once the table of contents, acknowledgements pages and index have been generated, and the 19 addendums have been edited. It is expected the final total pages to be near or over 1,000. Volume VII in this series was 1,041 pages, therefore we are projecting my costs for this latest publication will be about the same as Volume VII.

Genealogical and Biographical information of the ancestral Thayer families from 1500 to the present are included, as well as for over 3,500Thayer descendants of Isaac Thayer and his wife, Mary! Over 450 photos and illustrations are included, as well as informative addendums for the following individuals:


A: The Immigrants Thomas Thayer and Margery Wheeler:Learn about the Thayer’s early life in England and their immigration to America, including Wheeler Family notations.

B: Ferdinando Thayer, Mendon Pioneer:

Early Mendon and King Philip’s War
Extracts from the Annals of Mendon (1659-1712) The Indian Deed
The First Settlers of Mendon

C: Will of Isaac Thayer (1672-1754):

Learn what treasures were bequeathed to which family members!

D: The horrific Andersonville Prison:

Learn of eight Thayers who spent time, and of some whom died there.

E. William Makepeace Thayer (1820-1898):

World famous Biographer, Author and Minister.

F: Lincoln Hamlin Thayer (1860-?):

Wrongly accused as alleged Train Robber.

G: Joel Thayer (1813-1881),

Skaneateles, NY Prominent Citizen.

H: Charles Titus Thayer (1853-1903):

Tragic Train Wreck Death.

I: Sarah Emeline (Dodd) Thayer:

Indiana’s mother of the Year for 1958.

J: Richard Louis Thayer (1919-2001):

His World War II POW Story.

K. Margaret Ann (Thayer) Finney (1851-1931):

Her stately home in Hiram, Ohio was donated to Hiram College; now the “Pendleton House.”

L: Henry Lowell Thayer (1817-1892)

Builder of Thayer’s Inn – Little New Hampshire.

M: Edwin Pope Thayer (1864-1933):

Secretary of the US Senate 1925-1933

N: Anna Belle (Thayer) Ingersoll (1898-2003):

World’s longest lived Thayer? Died age 105 years old.

O: Brigadier General James Burdett Thayer (1922-2018):

Last Surviving Founder of Thayer Families Association.

P: Edward Carrington Thayer (1828-1898):

Donator of Uxbridge, MA Thayer Public Library.

Q: Ella Martha (Thayer) Howard (1828-1887):

Life as wife of America’s foremost carnation grower.

R: The 17 June 1825 “Buffalo Hangings” in New York:

Brothers Nelson (1798), Israel (1801) and Isaac (1804) Thayer, for brutal murder of John Love.

S: George Sewall Bloutwell (1818-2005):

Massachusetts’ 20th Governor – husband of Sarah Adelia Thayer.

PLUS many, many more interesting facts and points of interest concerning the descendants of Isaac Thayer and 2nd wife, Mary. For instance, do you know which Thayer woman was the great grandmother of Samuel Finley Bresse Morse (1791-1872) – inventor of the Morse code? These descendants were clearly builders of America! You won’t want to miss including this informative and cherished volume in your family’s library! Pre-order NOW to reserve your copy!

From Don Muno,Thayer Comprehensive Genealogy Editor:

"With each final volume it seems to be a race with ‘Father Time.’ Had Patricia not begun in her late 20’s, the 'Comprehensive' publishing task could not have been accomplished. My retirement in 1998 at the age of 55 was also a factor, leading to the finalization of Patricia’s work.

The love shown by each Thayer family member always adds just enough push to keep us going. When we began the TFA with energetic Thayers eager to create a national family organization, we did not know how important it was for a cheering section with enormous heart. Perhaps that is why each and every Thayer supporter is greatly missed as father time takes its toll, and rings the final bell for each beloved relative.

Taking the time to talk with children and grandchildren by sharing the many Thayer stories is most unique among American families. It is what binds the family members together and lets each child know how very special they are. But this task resides with each Thayer who embarks on the 'Thayer Journey,' and reaches out to distant Thayer family no matter where they reside.

God Bless you 'one and all,' as Charles Dickens once wrote!"