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Historian’s Report Autumn 2015

The big news at this time is to clarify the necessity of creating an additional volume in my “Comprehensive..” series. When it was discovered that to publish the information of all of the descendants of Isaac(Ferdinando2, Thomas1) THAYER would comprise well over 1,200 pages, it became evident that it would be necessary to create two volumes to cover all of this information!

With the genealogical information of over 75,000 Thayers in my database covering so many volumes, it becomes important to clarify exactly which descendants, and through which lines, comprises each volume. Following is a breakdown on each volume and which descending lines they contain:

Vol. I Thayer – Tayer – Theyer Families of Gloucestershire, England 1500-1660. (140 pages) Vol. II Descendants of Nathaniel Thayer, Immigrant to America 1660. (292 pages)

Vol. III Descendants of Richard Thayer, Immigrant to America 1641 – Through His Grandson Richard3-2-1. (393 pages)

Vol. IV Descendants of Richard Thayer, Immigrant to America 1641 – Through His Grandsons Nathaniel3& Cornelius(Richard2-1). (822 pages)

Vol. V Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Grandsons Jonathan& Thomas(Ferdinando2, Thomas1). (812 pages)

Vol VI Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Grandsons Samuel& Josiah(Ferdinando2, Thomas1). (681 pages)

Vol VII Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Grandson Isaac3(Ferdinando2, Thomas1) and His Wife Mercy Rockwood.

Vol VIII Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Grandson Isaac3(Ferdinando2, Thomas1) and His 2nd Wife Mercy Rockwood.

Vol IX Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Grandson Ebenezer& Benjamin(Ferdinando2, Thomas1).

Vol X Descendants of Thomas Thayer, Immigrant to America 1637 – Through His Son Shadrach. VOL XI Unplaced Thayers Whose Connection to the Colonial Immigrating Thayers is Unknown. Please see the “Comprehensive” genealogy book order form elsewhere in this issue. - Patricia

Reserve your next Thayer Family History volume in time for Christmas Gifting

Volume VI of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America is finished, and our printers await your book orders to know how many copies to print. Please let other interested family know, and place your orders by making your check or money order out to Patricia Thayer Muno in the amount of $130 per book which includes $10 for postage and mailing costs. This 681 page book is beautifully covered with the same red leather-like material the Thayer set is bound in. Gold stamped letters and shield will be on the cover as well as the spine where it fits next to each of the previous 5 volumes on your shelf. Remember only you will be able to secure this rare Thayer set for future family members. The limited number of Volume VI books being offered in this first run of publishing will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Additional copies may be made available in the future once there are enough pre-paid orders


Volumes I and Volume II are also still available at this time for purchase at the original price of $50 plus $10 postage & handling ($60) for Volume I The Thayer – Tayer – Theyer Families of Gloucestershire England 1500 - 1660 ; and $60 plus $10 postage & handling ($70) for Volume II The Descendants of Nathaniel Thayer Immigrant to America in 1660. The above original prices will remain until sold out at which time new prices will need to be established. Returning to press for out of print volumes will have to wait until I have additional funds. The Braintree Historical Society was unable to return to me the cover plates and discs I originally provided to them, which are necessary for publishing. A second printing for volumes III and IV will require new cover plates.

Mail all book orders and payment checks to:

Patricia Thayer Muno, 3618 North 225 East, North Ogden, Utah 84414 (and don’t forget your return address for shipment!) Please see order form inserted in this TQ issue.

Included in Patricia’s extensive notes, you will attend a dinner party in France with Napoleon, and when your ancestor calls him “Sir,” Napoleon request to be referred to as ... You will march with Benedict Arnold as he invades Canada... The story of Ferdinando Thayer embodies years of strife and the true American spirit. Seven appendixes complete Volume VI. They include letters to George Washington in 1790, and the Journal of Captain Simon Thayer - a Revolutionary War soldier in Appendix F. In Appendix G, the biography of Caroline Matilda (Warren) Thayer (1785-1844) illustrates not only her contributions, but also her struggles during these formative years of a young America. She was a gifted and outstanding teacher and a poetess who taught from New York to Kentucky to Mississippi. She taught thousands during her life and provided a valued education at a critical time in the early history of this country. Patricia also includes the comments of those pioneer settlers who were daily experiencing contact with Indians who were growing jealous of a race which since had landed at Plymouth.

Over 200 contributors shared in this 6th volume and are recognized by name. Over 125 early photos and illustrations help the reader take a close-up view of the lives of the ancestral families. When we first ventured out to tell the Thayer story - a story that will never end - it soon became obvious that everyone would enjoy the shared history of our Thayer ancestors in England. This early research took us to Thornbury Castle, and provided a place for Thayer descendants to travel in search of their heritage. Volume I was followed by the smallest of Thayer families which progressed to the immigrant Nathaniel Thayer and his descendants. Patricia found the immigrant Richard Thayer’s family to be the next largest, taking two large volumes to cover. It was the immigrant Thomas Thayer, however, who produced the largest family, and with it the greatest amount of research which would take longest to complete and will now fill 6 volumes. This, to be followed by all of the Thayer families researched but yet to be connected, and possibly awaiting further research. No Thayer history set is complete, however, without Volume VI. “Comprehensive” Editor – Don Muno

ERRATA: In the last Thayer Quarterly newsletter issue (July 2015 - last page) it was reported “WE ARE NOW ON FACEBOOK!!,” with the accompanying URL:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/623447534440032/) It should be noted that the “Thayer Families” Facebook site was created by Verne Louis Thayer and deliberately is not associated with the TFA nor is it limited to members of the TFA. TFA DOES have a Facebook page, but it is NOT one and the same created by Verne Louis Thayer. The URL for the Thayer Families Association Facebook page is:https://www.facebook.com/groups/125470784151749/

ERRATA: Volume II, page 109, John Lyman Thayer, #1021 was NOT the son of Ransom Thayer (#1014), but was rather the son of his brother, John Rodney Thayer, #1055. – Author, Patricia