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Historian’s Report

Dear Thayer Family, it is with great anticipation that hubby Donald and I are preparing for our forthcoming trip to Bloomington, MN for our biannual National Thayer Family Reunion. My only regret is that not every member will be able to attend with us! The Thayer reunion is an incredible, time worthy and memorable occasion, with many thanks to all those who have diligently prepared the event for us. We look forward to meeting each of you; and, for those we will miss this time, please try to meet with us in 2020!

Volume VIII is well on the way with the genealogical information of thousands of descendants of Isaac3

( Ferdinando2, Thomas1) Thayer and second wife, Mary, all into place in the text. The 300 + photos have been edited and cross referenced with the pertaining individual’s identification number. Choosing which ones to use

and placing them in the text (and getting them to stay in place!!!) comes next. There are numerous addendums to add a great deal of “flavor,” likely to the readers’ enjoyment. The index will require some manipulation, which is time consuming, but well worth the effort. The book, as is, without photos and index, is already over 800 pages!

I have a “mea culpa” to share with you, which was only discovered this last week: Volume VII (of which there are only 3 copies left unsold!) was given the incorrect ISBN number! The correct number is: 978-0-9632608-0-2. (Those of you who have volume VII may wish to make note of this in the front of your books). This number WILL be corrected in the next printing, and before it goes to the Library of Congress. Below, you will read editor, Donald Muno’s report on what comes next! See you soon at the reunion. Keep safe, - Patricia

The final Chapter for the Thayer Journey and all Thayer’s who share in the “Thayer Dream”

A Report From Don Muno, Editor and Publisher of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America.

Following Volume VIII (8), which Patricia is now completing, two additional volumes on the descendants of the Immigrant, Thomas Thayer, Volumes IX (9) and X (10), will remain, along with a hopeful eleventh volume. Volume XI (11) would include all Thayer families who have yet to be connected to our three immigrating Thayer brothers from Thornbury, England. Publishing an 11th volume of the “unplaced” will allow others to carry on the Thayer Journey with the research which has here-to-fore been completed by Patricia.

When Patricia’s “lifelong” Thayer research and publication journey comes to an end, it is hoped that the TFA will assist in the final stage to make it all worthwhile -- the dissemination of the Thayer genealogy to key locations across America to which our Thayer descendants may have future access. For the few who are collecting all 11 volumes, God bless you. Please consider where or to whom you will entrust your Thayer legacy.

Placing each individual volume and complete set in the Library of Congress was never done by the Braintree Historical Society, as was once promised. Having proper IBSN numbers in each volume has been accomplished. This first required purchasing and obtaining said numbers. Each volume has an unique IBSN number to that volume, along with a common number shared by each volume in the collection. All has been accomplished leaving placement, payment and registration with the Library of Congress to complete the process.

Raising funds to accomplish the above task will need to be explored and accomplished. It will require the help of the Thayer family.

After the “Comprehensive” is carefully distributed, the process of informing other Thayers of the availability of the “Comprehensive” would be a service to all future Thayers and their families.