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Historian/Genealogist Report

I stand at the counter in the kitchen as I write this report - this is my makeshift office for the next 7 days. After 30 years employment in the Oregon school systems as a teacher and school administrator, hubby Donald retired in 1998. Our last of three sons has now returned from his two-year church mission and we are ready for an adventure. With exception of my first six years and a couple of years in college, I have spent my entire lifetime in this perfectly beautiful and highly desirable place.

The accompanying photo will tell you why we have decided it is time to move on. Kellan Reece Muno (left) and Victoria Natalie Pledger (right) were born 18 days apart in June 2000 and were the reason why I was not able to attend the Thayer gathering at West Point last June. Good reason! Now, with four grandchildren living so far away, and nothing to hold us back, we have another “good reason” to move from our beautiful home here in Beaverton, Oregon to Utah and the site of the World’s largest Family History Library.

Since the day we knew the house had sold, we have been packing, packing, packing! So far, some 70 boxes of genealogy! Twenty of those are Thayer correspondence alone. And that is JUST the snail mail!

We are going to be renting for a while until we find appropriate housing or build a new home and Thayer library. A portion of my research data will travel with me as I will be focusing on writing and compiling the volumes on the descendants of Richard Thayer - volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the Comprehensive Thayer Genealogy. Although my on-line participation will sadly be limited for a while, correspondents should send submissions of information (without expectation of a response, please) to me at the following address:

Patricia Thayer Muno C/O Brent Muno
320 West 1600 North Harrisville, UT 84404

page15image1860538336Individuals with Thayer queries may continue to contact my assistant, Jerry Thayer, who has been assisting me for the past two years using a copy of my 28 year Thayer Research Database. He can be reached at the following addresses:

Jerry Thayer
311 Willow Oaks Blvd. Hampton, VA 23669-1531 E-Mail: HJThayer@AOL.com

There are no new Reps to report this term. Just a word of encouragement and thanks to all who work so hard to make this America’s greatest family and the best darn Family Association the world has ever known! Thanks to everyone for their patience during our move. Just think how much closer I will be to the world’s largest Family History Library!