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Historian/Genealogist Report

“Families are forever”, is a genealogist’s perspective on life that Thayer family members are beginning to believe in. While Thayer cousins joined each other at West Point this past month to celebrate a heritage rich in American history, I tended to my daughter and daughter-in-law who gave birth to wonderful baby’s eighteen days apart; the family tree continues to grow. 

In a letter recently received from cousin Sally Bohs of Marysville, MI, she writes, “Frank and I had a marvelous time at the reunion. It was well planned and organized. West Point was a perfect setting for it and we really appreciated seeing the Academy for the first time. All the Thayers were a joy to meet and we have made new friends. I hope we can attend another reunion...” Nothing can be more satisfying than to encourage and see families strengthening their family ties. 

While in Utah with my new grandchildren, I spent time at the Family Library in Salt Lake City extracting recently released Thayer vital records from the state of Massachusetts. Although there is never an end to the research and compiling of records, my book on the descendants of the Immigrant, Nathaniel Thayer, is finished with the addition of two addenda. All that remains are typographical insertions and final proofing. It is anticipated that the book will be ready in time for Christmas. 

This last year for me was full of many interruptions, but my life’s dream of publishing a comprehensive genealogy of the Thayer family is now approaching two volumes closer. I often wonder what it is to have a life without such focus and constant drive. For my work’s brief interruptions, there necessarily occurs a short time when life must take precedence to everything else. During these brief respites, I must, at times, explain and apologize, and then move on. 

As for the forthcoming publication on Nathaniel’s descendants, I will likely produce an author’s “vanity press” run. As many of you know, John Alexander Thayer (son of founder, James Burdett Thayer) has placed a generous challenge fund before the TFA to lead in raising needed publishing costs for the publishing project. We were very encouraged with this fund-raising gesture and applaud their effort. An author’s prepaid publishing run of Nathaniel however, would be the quickest turn around for the long- awaiting Nathaniel anticipant. 

I would like to encourage our families to include their children in their discussions of Thayer heritage. We Thayers are doomed without our youth! Our nation is only as strong as our families, so please continue to strengthen your families as you strengthen those ties with the more distant cousins. Patricia t