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Historian/Genealogist Report

This last quarter has been one of the busiest ever. I have made two trips to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City - June and October. I was disappointed to learn that the supposed newly released 1930 U.S. Census soundex will not actually be released for some time to come yet---another year! I was even more disappointed to learn that only the following states were indexed: AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN and VA. Those are not the states with the highest concentration of Thayers, but I will be checking them out in the future once it is released. 

Hopefully, by the time this newsletter is in the hands of our readers, we will know if our cousin, George W. Bush, will be the next President. When the movie Titanic hit the screens, I was bombarded with requests from individuals wanting to know their relationship to John Borland Thayer. Therefore, I am confident there will be many who will be interested in knowing their relationship to Bush. He is a direct descendant of Zilpha5 (Samuel4, Thomas3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1) THAYER. Since I presently do not know the maternal lineage from Bush to Zilpha, I hope this meager offering will satisfy our anxious readers for now. 

Our retired Secretary, Treasurer, Rick Thayer of North Quincy, MA continues to help me out by contacting referrals and singing the praises of our terrific association - thus helping to build up our membership. There is always a need for help in building the membership and other areas. If you would like to volunteer to help in any area of the Association, please contact me or one of our leaders - addresses posted elsewhere in this publication. 

TFA Newcomer, Patty Stuart of Hopland, CA has been a godsend. She is an old friend of my brother whom he introduced via e-mail. Patty has spent hundreds of hours locating new Thayer-related information from the World Wide Web for me to scrutinize. I have to admit, she is a difficult one to keep up with. She has shared literally thousands of details, many of which have added to my massive Thayer computer database. Incidentally, Patty is a willing worker and all we would have to do is ask her for anything and she jumps right in. She has also helped me keep abreast with current and functioning electronic devises which makes my work easier. 

In September, we were privileged to attend the 91 birthday party of the legendary Hanford Thayer at his home on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. Hanford is well known for his work in the Army Corps of Engineers on the Manhattan Project and the development of the Atom bomb which drew an end to the WWII. His mind is never wavering and I could only wish to have half his present mental capacity today. It was wonderful getting to meet his children and assortment of nieces and nephews. What at wonderful family! Hanford’s 3000 page personal journal will be published soon for his close family members. The fantastic stories he has to share! Why, he can remember some of the antics he pulled on his baby brother, while he was but a toddler himself! Hanford’s lineage: Hanford11 (Napoleon Bonaparte10-9 , Libbeus8 , Timothy7 , Josiah6, Nathaniel5-4 , Richard3-2-1) THAYER.

During the same trip, we made a stop on Washington’s Vashon Island and was treated to the hospitality of Thayer descendants Chuck Hooper and lovely wife, Nancy. Chuck and Nancy have been actively involved in many restoration projects in the state of Washington and his specialty is in Victorian homes. Chuck and Nancy were so excited when they learned about our association and the Thayer Genealogy Project. It is inspiring just to be in their presence. Chuck’s attitude is one of wanting to express his profound love and appreciation for his  beloved great grandmother, Anna Louden10 (Edwin9 , Henry Osborne8, Oel/Orwell7, Windsor6, Stephen5, Samuel4 , Thomas3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1) THAYER through his service and help to others. My crystal ball can see Chuck shining brightly in the future of TFA’s leadership. 

Another of our outstanding Washington cousins has made recent headlines. Donald Owen THAYER of Chehalis, WA was elected “Mayor” of Kosmos, Washington. The former timber camp had its 11th annual reunion and picnic in August and as part of tradition a “mayor” is elected. Don said “Kosmos was a nice place to live. We didn’t have a television, so we found our fun in the woods, fishing and hunting.” After Don served a stint in the Korean War he came back to Kosmos and worked in the woods for a time. It was a happy group of people who attended the traditional gathering and shared memories of their past and proud roots. States Don’s wife, Betty, “Kosmos is like the musical "Brigadoon"-- it comes alive once a year!! Kosmos is a Greek work meaning "universe"--considering these people were isolated at the East end of Lewis county they worked, played and shared their lives together--extended family.” 

Don serves as my Family Representative in the line of Israel THAYER and Sally LINSEY. His lineage follows: Donald Owen11 (Jesse Lyman10, Lyman Owen9, William Lyman8, Israel7, Jonathan6, Cornelius5, Jonathan4, Josiah3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1) THAYER. 

My library here at home continues to grow with such wonderful Thayer-related treasures. Some of you have shared old Family Bibles and photographs. Please, if you have early photos of unknown family members---do not toss them out. I can archive them here in the hopes they may some day take on identity. If you have pre-1920 Thayer photographs to share that have not already been submitted, please contact me for instructions on how these may be included in my Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America.